Painful cramps

Strong cramps in the legs - a phenomenon quite common. They awaken people at night, have to get up, to try to straighten her legs, change position or just wait, father, the pain will pass. Sometimes, that people suffer for years, and convulsions are repeated almost every night. Most often it is women over 50 years. C. Ares and R. Meehan from California put the following data. Of 128 people (some cramps lasted more than 20 years), only two are cured, and it is not full.
And so decided to start treatment with vitamin E. the Patient received 300-400 ME a day and within a week she started to improve. It was noticed that tocopherol helps to remove other types of muscle spasms. Here is an example: a young swimmer was preparing for the Olympics. During the training he had so strong and painful cramps in the legs that training had to be interrupted. Some days the doctors gave him 400 ME alpha-tocopherol, and cramps are gone.
Vitamin E is effective in the treatment of neuralgic pain. But the dose and duration of treatment should be a doctor. Note also that painful cramps may cause not only a lack of vitamin E and magnesium deficiency.
Vitamin E is absorbed best when to drink it For an hour or half an hour before meals, but not on an empty stomach. In the stomach must be at least a little bit of fat, which tocopherol is dissolved, otherwise it is not absorbed. It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that you cannot take medications that contain iron, or products enriched with this element as iron neutralizes tocopherol. Does not fit well tocopherol laxative and with the drugs used in the treatment of the thyroid gland, which prevent its absorption. If the food contains a lot of unsaturated fatty acids (such as vegetable oils), vitamin administered in large doses.