Other ailments

Vitamin E has been effective in the treatment of various complications associated with menopause. The already mentioned 20,000 responses to the questionnaire of the magazine "Prevention" is often focused on this period of women's lives. In the letters was thanked, as accurately selected individual dose tocopherol literally saved patients from various complications (aches, flushing, even hysteria). Usually it was enough from 300 to 600 ME a day, but there were occasions when he made more than 1000 ME, sometimes enough is 10 times smaller dose.
There are, however, people with hypersensitivity to vitamin E. Patients with diabetes and suffering from heart disease and hypertension are recommended to start the therapy with small doses, gradually increasing them as necessary in accordance with a doctor's prescription.
To achieve the effect in the treatment of especially hard tides of blood to the head, sometimes it is necessary, in addition to 400 IU of vitamin E, assign large doses (2 or even 3 g / day) vitamin C and about 1 g of calcium. Improvement comes after a week.
Here are some unusual cases of treatment tocopherol. One of the couple had a fungal disease of the legs. For many years they could not get rid of this nasty disease, though experts given the wide variety of drugs. With time on his feet appeared painful wounds. At your own risk, they began to fill them 2 times daily oil solution of vitamin E. after 3 days have passed itching, slept swelling, and by the end of the week all the trouble was over. And since then, as soon itching or swelling, they again carried out the same treatment. Finally the wife decided to grease legs oil solution of vitamin E 1 times a week, and that their troubles were over.