Exercise yoga for beginners

When performing PFC-3 you must remember the following conditions:
- Yoga exercises for beginners run in a ventilated room or outdoors, but not in the sun, in loose clothing (preferably completely naked, especially at the initial stage of training, because it is easier to focus). Classes begin not earlier than one hour after a meal (after 30-45 minutes after a light Breakfast, but not fasting), and end not less than half an hour before meals.
- Implementation of PFC-3 begins with a General tightening and relaxing the body (make several times).
- Performance of each item PFC-3 begins with the breath through the nose and subsequent full exhale through the mouth (through the nose), and then made the first necessary movement of appropriate exercises for beginners in the direction in which it is convenient to begin an exhalation.
- All the exercises for beginners are clearly fixed by the muscles of the body, with the mind's resistance to the planned movement (with voltage and resistance needed daily to gradually increase to infinity). This should only work those muscles that are involved in the implementation of this element of the exercise.
- At voltage of the individual parts of the body must, as already mentioned, all the time to send in concentration nervous because of their "I" (or impulse "om"), which ensures the fulfillment of the muscles psychic energy from the environment (yoga call it prana).
- You need to ensure that the neck muscles strained, not legs bent at the knees, eyes closed (it helps to focus on the parts of the body). The head should be kept exactly in front of him, a person must be relaxed (you can do the exercise with a smile).
- Yoga exercises for beginners must run very slowly (the slower, the better results), for rapid movement tired body and irritate the nervous system.
- The time allowed for performance of PFC-3, shall be strictly fixed in the mode of the day involved, that is, the classes should be in the same hours every day. It is advisable not to miss them even in the days of hard work, vacation, etc., In the extreme case, you can run them in the evening or in another convenient for this purpose. Regular exercise will help with time, along with the above-mentioned positive changes in the body, getting rid of anxiety, easily overwhelm the torment of the person unpleasant thoughts etc.
- You need to constantly watch your breath. It must be uniform and comply with the movements (except small): cabbage soup bending - breathe in, and by the stretching - exhale.
- Do not bring themselves to exhaustion (regardless spent on the exercise of the time). Need daily (gradually) to increase the load. The execute item of any exercises for beginners is considered complete when there is a feeling of tiredness in train (tense) a body part or in other parts of the body. After a full exhalation and short breaks you can proceed to the next in order item exercises.
- After the complete assimilation of PFC-3 (this usually occurs within two to three weeks) and before the end of classes (and further to act the way you always) it's necessary to repeat all the phases, but without playing four varieties of motion, but only with a voltage of each part of the body, one after another. At this tension must be sent mentally nervous force in place to focus, to execute each phase of a full exhalation and relaxation of the whole body.