Exercise yoga for beginners

At first PFC-3 can be performed in a completely darkened room, it felt less noise, the presence of other people, extraneous sounds. Later it will not have a significant value. Exercise yoga for beginners who are sitting or standing, it is desirable to do, with her face to the East (it is connected with the magnetic field of the Earth), and exercises for beginners, carried out lying,- head North.
It is undesirable to make PFC-3 in those days, when the student has bad health, high temperature (when the assimilation PFC-3 such States are very rare!), its implementation must be renewed immediately after the cure of the relevant disease. Perform these exercises in certain diseases contributes to the recovery of the same day (we recommend you to try out individually).
Consider the method of implementation of each phase PFC-3 in greater detail if desired, you can reduce the number of elements). Recommended PFC-3 throughout life.
yoga exercises for beginners in picturesthe Development of muscles of the hands. Starting position: it should stand at attention" - you need to keep your hands at the seams, and then bent at the elbows at right angles before you, your feet should be flat and together, eyes closed, face - light smile, your head should be kept straight.
The main exercise is performed in the following order:
1. The palm should be facing inward through flexion and extension of the fingers with considerable tension, folding them periodically into fists (breath) and straightening them to the feeling of pain in the relevant muscles (exhale), he must send them nervous force (pulse "om") and to resist the intended movement. (About the constant tension of muscles, providing mental resistance to their movement, focusing on them in the further statement will not be referred to avoid frequent repetition of information about these operations).
2. Palm turn down, fingers not compress into fists and to bend the joints of the hands downwards-upwards.
3. The same exercise should be done with a direction from right to left.
4. A circular motion hands should describe both fists, and more - right-left.
exercise yoga elbowthe Development of muscles of the elbow joint (Fig. 1, b). The original position is the same as the above. The main exercise has such a sequence of elements:
1. Is the movement of hands to both sides alternately in the elbow joint, reminiscent of turn of the key.
2. The hand bent at the elbow, then slowly unbend in the areas of bottom-up and top-down. This bending palms turn up and made slow breath, and by the stretching palms turn down and done slowly exhale.
3. Elbows unbend in opposite directions, and then bent inward.
4. Made a motion with his hands in the elbow joint (left - the one hand, and the right - to the other, then Vice versa).