And if ever happen?

Everything described above, we learned in acute experiments, that is, in experiments on animals under anesthesia, with the open pericardial cavity, or peritoneum, with the use of irritant or anesthetics, when excited nerves shock when the experience lasts a few hours. And I would like to watch the animals with altered vascular regulation longer when heal wounds from cutting, when the animal recovers from injury and anesthesia (which can pervert cardiac and vascular reactions).
In short, it is important to know how to react vessels on long limiting the number of impulses, flowing to vasomotor centers, in conditions close to natural. Something similar was trying to do Koch and MIS in the laboratory of Goering, deservirea carotid sinus and cutting the nerves of Zion. They got this way, a significant increase in blood pressure in rabbits, but the disadvantage of these experiments was that German researchers actually deleted the "fork" of the carotid artery on both sides, sharply limiting the cerebral blood flow.
No one, however, is not followed, the effect in chronic experiments varying degrees off centripetal fibers of the heart, aorta and carotid sinus. The issue was important because clinicians have suggested a link between disorders regulation of blood pressure (hypertension) with impaired mechanoreceptive heart and large vessels. We say "in varying degrees, since, in accordance with the quantitative principle assumed a nonlinear relationship between the force of the impact and magnitude of the effect is that we have seen in previous chapters. When absolute denervation heart of dogs in the U.S. blood pressure did not pay much attention, limited to stating that the pressure has changed insignificantly, and we in acute experiments on different animals seen and hypertension, and hypotension when you turn off the receptors of the heart hundreds of times - the apparent inconsistency.
The task was much more difficult than we thought.
Experiments put on rabbits because they are well separated from other nerves, nerve roots, and thus easy to compare the Denervation of the heart with the effect of denervation of the carotid sinus, and also to combine both types denervation, and animals to easily find the same race, the same age, weight, sex. The result has been evaluated mainly on changes in blood pressure and the so-called Pressor sinocarotidna reflex (increase in blood pressure in response to clamping of the carotid arteries following their split). Had to do carotid artery available for measuring the pressure in them and for them compression, and therefore all the rabbits had held a preparatory operation: their carotid artery on both sides were otraportovali and brought in skin tube - get something like a shopping bags with two handles, each of which was pulsing carotid artery. In a week you can remove sutures, and a week - to measure the pressure. The measurement should begin immediately and lasts at least a month before the main intervention to get the "background", the original value of blood pressure and sinocarotidna reflexes. Alas, in rabbits to determine the blood pressure is even more difficult than people. In addition, we did not simply a measure, it was necessary continuously to record blood pressure - how else to judge by his hesitation when clamped carotid arteries? Bloody record of a pressure that was not good enough, because it cannot be repeated frequently, and most importantly - it causes severe pain, much stronger than a puncture of a vein. After a long work of engineering character we were able to finally make the device for continuous non-traumatic recording of blood pressure with a low accuracy (5 %) - the subject of our pride. Now you finally get to the main job.