list - toxic substances

A - list poisonous drugs, the purpose, application, dosage which due to high toxicity should be performed with extreme caution. List As shown in Pharmacopoeia, he supplemented and modified by the orders of the Ministry of health of the USSR. In the list And highlighted cause addiction to narcotic substances to be leave from pharmacies in the special form with the stamp and seal of a medical institution. Be discharged from the pharmacy medicines containing toxic substances, has the right doctorand medical assistant, head of an independent medical or temporarily head of the medical section.
Medicines list And should be stored in pharmacies and medical institutions under lock and key in a separate cabinets with the inscription "A - venena" (poisonous), which in pharmacies overnight seal or sealed. Cabinets must have internal lockable compartments for highly toxic substances (hydrocyanic acid and its salts, strychnine nitrate, sodium arsenate, arsenous anhydride and other). In cabinets for substances listed And store ready products containing these toxic substances, pharmacy dishes which prepare medicines from substances of list A.