Acetonuria (ketonuria) - the emergence of acetone in the urine (ketone) phone Acetonuria precedes acetone anaemia (see). Most often acetonuria occurs when diabetesis also possible when starvation and malnutrition, especially in children. Cm. also Acetone body.

Acetonuria (acetonuria; acetone and Greek. uron - urine) - excessive urine acetone phone In normal urine is allocated in a day not more than 0.01 - 0.03 g acetone bodies (in terms of acetone). The emergence A. precedes acetone anaemia (see). Excessive content of acetone bodies (see) in the blood acetone is allocated and light. Acetone discover through trial with nitroprusside and iodoform (see Acetone). A. observed in diabetes, fasting, and with considerable restriction of consumption of carbohydrates. A. if the diabetes is an indicator of the severity of the disease and improper diet.