Adenosinetriphosphoric acid

Adenosinetriphosphoric acid (ATF; Acidum adenosintriphosphoricum) - rich in energy mix that plays a Central role in the energy metabolism of the body: is a universal vector and energy aid donor in all major biochemical processes. The drug ATP is used with muscular dystrophy and atrophy, dystrophic changes infarction, angina, angiospasm, parkinsonism and to speed up labor. Intramuscularly 1 every day to 1 ml of 1 % solution disodium salt or 1 ml 3% solution monocultivos salt. At the rate of 30-40 injection. ATP is contraindicated in fresh the myocardial infarction and inflammatory diseases of the lungs. Method of production: powder, 1% solution in sealed to 1 ml (disodium salt) and 3% solution of glycerine in vials of 1 ml (monocultivo salt). Keep at a temperature of 5-10 degrees.