Adams - Stokes syndrome Morgagni

Adams - Stokes syndrome Morgagni - attack unconsciousness, when developing heart block. Can occur when the cardiosclerosis, myocardial infarction, myocarditis, sometimes when you began testing, rarely in violation of the nervous regulation of a heart rhythm. Occurs attack during the extinction of the conduction of a beam of GIS in the transition bulk of atrioventricular blockade in full, as well as a sharp oppression of ventricular automaticity or occurrence asystole (cardiac arrest and ventricular fibrillation in patients with a permanent form of a full blockade (see heart Arrhythmia). This contraction of the ventricles sharply ariaudo, reaching 20-12 in 1 minute, or terminated, resulting in inadequate blood supply to organs, especially the brain. Clinical picture: the patient suddenly loses consciousness, it becomes deathly pale with Dianetics shade, pupils dilated and not react to light, neck veins swell, breathing becomes deeper, then a rare wrong; muscles tense up, there is initially a light twitching of the muscles of the face and hands, and then epileptiform convulsions; pulse is beating, the heart sounds is not heard, blood pressure is not defined. Termination of attack is accompanied by redness of the skin. The attack duration 4-5 minutes may end with a lethal. For light attacks typical small dizziness and blackout, with sharp pallor.
Treatment. During the attack the patient needs to lay low located head for improvement of brain blood circulation, to give breathing oxygen, subcutaneously to enter caffeine-benzoate sodium (1 ml 10% solution) or strychnine ( 1 ml of 0.1% solution), and epinephrine (1 ml of 0.1% solution), ephedrine (0.5 to 1 ml of 5% solution). If the pulse is beating and the heart sounds is not heard, immediately begin indirect heart massage and artificial respiration way mouth to mouth. After the launch of the attack, the patient should be referred to a doctor. The best method of treatment of this syndrome - implantation in the heart of electrodes artificial driver rhythm electrostimulator. To prevent attacks appointed izadrin 10-20 mg under the tongue.