Adiponecrosis subcutanea neonatorum

Adiponecrosis subcutanea neonatorum (synonym: pseudosclerotia, sclerodermatitis newborns) focal necrosis of the subcutaneous fatty tissue among newborns. Occurs more frequently in full of children born in the ass previa, as a result of strong pressure caused by the use of instrumental methods of obstetrics and manipulations in the revitalization of the fetus (rubbing of the skin, effleurage, and so on). Clinically in subcutaneous adipose tissue found single or multiple units of different shape and size, testovaty consistency, painless, well distinguished from healthy tissue. The skin over the lesions may not be changed, but more often rough with red and bluish tinge. The deposition of salts of calcium nodes are compacted. Affected mainly subcutaneous fat in the cheeks, back, buttocks. The General condition of the children is usually not broken, they are well put on weight, body temperature is normal. The prognosis of the disease in uncomplicated favorable. The lesions are usually few weeks or months disappear spontaneously. In rare cases a necrotic lesions are formed cicatricial changes or sterile abscesses. In differential diagnosis it is necessary to exclude a phlegmon newbornsfor treatment of which requires urgent surgical intervention. Treatment: thermal treatments, wraps, baths. When joining infection - intensive antibacterial therapy (antibiotics, sulfa drugs) and deep cuts.