Adipose-genital dystrophy

adipose-genital dystrophyAdipose-genital dystrophy (synonym disease Percenta - Babinski - fröhlich) - a disease characterized by General obesity and underdevelopment of external and internal genital organs (Fig. 1).
The disease is associated with pathological processes in the hypothalamus (an inflammation, swelling and other), the disease develops slowly. In patients with increased appetite, develops the total female type of obesity (the area of the abdomen, pelvic girdle, breast, face). Changes occur in the genital area: reverse development of sexual characteristics, impotence, in women - amenorrhea, menstrual irregularities. Usually patients drowsy, they reduced work capacity.
In children, adipose-genital dystrophy usually develops at the age of 5-6 years, boys more often than girls. In the basis of the disease is a violation of the functions of an interstitial-gipofiz-Sarnau system. adipose-genital dystrophy in childrenClinically of adipose-genital dystrophy in children is characterized by a severe obesity whole body, sexual development delay (figure 2). Mental development of their normal; often there is a delay in growth.
Treatment of adipose-genital dystrophy depends on the cause of the disease. If a tumor of the pituitary gland conduct x-ray treatments interstitial-pituitary area or surgical removal of pituitary tumors, inflammation - antibiotic therapy. To combat obesity is prescribed regimen with a reduced number of carbohydrates and fats.