Admiral of the fleet

Tissue chemiepark Chernihiv emphasized in the analysis of the internal environment of all organs and tissues. International Symposium, convened on the initiative of the Chernihiv and dedicated tissue chemoreception, brought him many supporters among foreign physiologists, and tissue service has become an important problem of the world physiology. The fundamental work of Chernihiv "Interceptor" translated into Andean language, published in the US *.
Already in the fifties Vladimir Nikolaevich began to study representations of the internal organs in the brain and in its bark. The result of this research book "Neurophysiological analysis kortiko-visceral reflex arc" and "Cortical and subcortical representation of visceral systems" ("cortex" - the cerebral cortex, "visceral"- vnutrenney), awarded by the decision of the Presidium of the USSR Academy of Sciences award of the Sechenov. Vladimir Nikolaevich established, where in the brain are the areas responsible for the activities of certain internal organs.
Extrapolating found in his youth phenomenon "fading" on interoceptive processes, Vladimir Nikolaevich has formulated his idea of reactive braking - Central brain process that rids the body of unnecessary, redundant activities. These studies were carried out in the fifties and summarized in the monograph "Addictive visceral systems."
In the Institute of physiology of the Chernigov weekly conducted a seminar to discuss the work of the staff. Often the discussion developed into the discussion, and as a result it could change the point of view of the number of its participants, and sometimes the Captain.
Pass very few time, and B. N. Chernigov became a Vice-President of the Academy of medical Sciences, full member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, permanent her head, Department of physiology, member of academies of some countries, a Deputy of the Supreme Council. Vladimir Nikolaevich - the initiator and editor tridtsatiletnej guide physiology, one of the founders of the Soviet space physiology.
The reader remembers that the first had been in the space of a dog. Before the start they operated: carotid artery were withdrawn in skin clutch that during the flight you can monitor blood pressure and heart rate. Animals chose, watched and operated Vladimir Nikolaevich. Chernihiv has consistently supported the space program as the most knowledgeable consultant physiologist, was a member of the International Academy of Astronautics, member of the editorial Board of the Soviet-American edition of "Fundamentals of space biology and medicine". For the collection of works in 1964 by the decree of the Presidium of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR he was awarded the gold medal in the name of Pavlov.
In these years the school Chernihiv were many physiological laboratory of the country. "All the creative work is marked with the remarkable feature,writes, P. konradi.- The art of getting impeccably reliable facts he combined with humility and self-criticism in the conclusions and generalizations. Whatever the problem might developed Century N. Chernigov, he never forgot about his predecessors and showed great erudition in the history of physiology. And no problem Vladimir Nikolaevich could not imagine how completely resolved. Taking into account the great complexity of the processes in living organisms, it is the least was inclined to create a "system" and "General theory", so easily foldable translational motion of science. It is a wise restraint scientist and modest person - a pledge that his articles (and there are more than four hundred) and books (eleven) are not only obsolete, but on the contrary, addressed to the future".
Always believe in his disciples, Vladimir Nikolaevich himself remained faithful to them, cared about their work, it is reasonable planning, correctness and accuracy of the findings. Impossible to forget, as he listened to from the first page to the last thesis one of us, carefully going into much detail, and making allowances, while this work was performed under a different leadership. The thesis was successfully defended. A few days later the teacher and the student met on the protection of another thesis at the Academy of medical Sciences of the USSR. Seeing his former pupil in the hall, Vice President stood up, easy marched along the Central aisle in the back rows, congratulated and kissed the author and, satisfied, he returned to the Desk of the academic Council.
However, Chernihiv, undoubtedly, valued at us that we not often turned to him for help. He constantly sought from students independent thinking. The first scientific article it ten times returned one of us for correction, providing the author independently to understand and resolve the cause of his displeasure. This had a profound educational sense, we have learned to be very demanding to himself, learned not to pasovat in the most complicated situations. And here was useful advice Captain: "If you are lucky - continue. If no luck - keep it," he repeated.
Work under the leadership of C. N. Chernigov, close fellowship with him left an imprint on our characters, destiny and human qualities. We think it's very important to quote a passage from the last letter of the remarkable scientist and the teacher to one of us (we are talking about the naval medical Academy):
"It was a good institution in General and for me in particular. There I found... (follows list of team members). For all of us, despite the hardships, WMA was a kind of School! There you all studied, and together with you studied, and I... you All your good credited me. If there was a "me", so only one. I managed to see each of you is precious for science, scientific Affairs spark and not allowing her to go out. That's all...
Your Century N., he Century. Chernigov".
In any life, even if it is not particularly short, there is something unrealized. Vladimir Nikolaevich understood this and extremely appreciated. He liked to repeat the verses of the translators:
Expensive time to time.
Much time and not enough.
Long time - no time
If it is passed.
The more expensive for all of us, his disciples, the years that he spent at the command of brig. As a permanent reminder that one of us holds that "Interceptor" with an inscription Vladimir Nikolaevich: "rose From the seaweed ship; it surfaced and stopped in the very middle of the sunrise. From this great distance it was as clearly visible as the clouds. Radiating joy, it flamed like wine, a rose, blood, lips, red velvet and scarlet fire..."

* C. N. very proud of the fact that it chose after the report At a scientific Symposium in the USA, a member of the society of comedians name Mark TWAIN.