Pheasant's eye (Adonis vernalis; synonym: Adonis spring, Chernomorka) - perennial herbaceous plant of the family toad. The action of the glycosides goritsveta close to the glycosides naperstanki, but significantly less hours in the body and have less lasting effect, practically does not cumulate. Using drugs Adonis in chronic heart failure, as well as sedatives. Drugs Adonis: infusion of herbs of an Adonis and as novogalenovye drug adonizid used orally, less intravenously and subcutaneously. Infusion of herbs of an Adonis made from 4-6-10 grams per 200 ml of water. Higher doses (based on dry grass): single 1, g daily 5, Higher doses of adonizid: single 1 ml daily 2 ml Produced in bottles to 15 ml ampoules to 1 ml Cm. also Medicinal plants.
Adonisthe spring Adonis

Fig. 13. The Adonis spring (below the base of the stems with rhizome and roots).

The Adonis spring crystals, magnetic, spring Adonis, Chernomorka, Starodubska, Bunny Mack - all his different names. Look closely at the plant, it really hairy seems because of their uskorennykh leaflets. They seemed of threads made, sticking out in all directions.
More recently, forest fringe, foothills and steppes in the spring covered with Golden carpets - blossomed Adonis. First, on short stem revealed one flower. Gradually the stalk lengthened and branch out, and every twig was crowned with satin flower.
More plowed virgin steppe, all less space left for the Adonis. Yes, harm suppliers of medicinal plants. Age of large bushes Adonis - a few tens of years. Rough handling with the plant stems easily pulled out together with the kidneys, resume laid 2-3 years ahead. So, so many years it will not yield, if not perish. From the seeds of a new plant grows very slowly for ten years or more.
Stocks Adonis decrease even because of the fact that the slopes, forest edges, glades where it grows, often spend plantations or just graze cattle. A hundred years Adonis spring strongly takes place in scientific medicine as a means of aiding the work of the heart. But now there is a lack of this herb for the production of medicinal preparations.
Drew scientists attention to other kinds of Adonis, began to study them. In the country there are eleven types of Adonis. In Kazakhstan and Central Asia - the Adonis Turkestan, the far East and Primorye - the Adonis Amur, on forest edges, in light forests of the Urals, Western and Eastern Siberia, Kazakhstan - Siberian Adonis. Biological activity of Adonis Turkestan was not lower than the activity of the Adonis spring.
Adonis fluffy like Adonis Siberian, only the growth of below Yes pubescent thicker. Grows in mountain steppes of the Altai and Balkhash. It is little studied. In medicine it is not used. Adonis Volzhsky. In medicine it is not in use, store it should not be. It grows in Ukraine and the don, where the Adonis spring. Remember: the Adonis spring flowers 4-6 cm in diameter, green sepals, petals of the Corolla Golden yellow, taste leaves and flowers bitter. The Adonis Volzhsky flowers smaller, 2-4 cm in diameter, sepals are purple, the petals of the Corolla pale yellow, the taste of the plant has not bitter.
The Adonis spring, and many other types of Adonis in need of strict protection. Some Central Asian Adonis species are very rare, and harvesting them, of course, forbidden. Adonis Golden included in the Red book of the USSR.
Where possible, you should take custody preserved thickets spring Adonis, to create a school microreserves. Or, in organising the detachments of the green patrols, bear patrol in the spring, during harvesting of plants. To ensure that collectors valuable raw material cut plants, not pulled to each hundred-meter squared necessarily have been left 1-2 good Bush for contamination. And that in the next 2-3 years the blank here is not conducted.
The basic stocks of raw materials and areas of preparations are now in the Kemerovo and Novosibirsk regions, Altai region, the Urals (the Kurgan, Chelyabinsk, Sverdlovsk region) and Urals (Bashkiria). In other places where there Adonis, to collect his Smoking.