Adrenogenital syndrome

Adrenogenital syndrome - a disease caused by violations of the process of formation of hydrocortisone and sharp giperplaziei crust napochechnikov. There are Verilog, Solaryum and hypertensive form. When wireline form adrenogenital syndrome in girls is observed false hermaphroditism.
At an early age reveal hair growth in male-type, low voice, male type of structure of the skeleton; in older age is the absence of menstruation. Boys in early childhood sometimes the increasing of the penis, the hypospadias, cryptorchidism, with 2 to 3-year - signs false premature puberty. When soltera form adrenogenital syndrome in children along with the symptoms of virilism in the first weeks of life occurs repeated vomiting, dehydration, weight is reduced. First, the child is restless, but quickly falls into a state of prostration and, if not started vigorous treatment, dies. In such cases frequently involve toxic dyspepsia or stenoses privratnika (the so-called pseudoplatanus). In children with hypertensive disease, in addition to Verilog syndrome, there is an increase in blood pressure. The diagnosis is confirmed by a special research corticosteroid hormones and electrolytes. For analysis is collected daily urine and take venous blood.
With proper treatment in girls disappear phenomenon virilisme, appears menstruation, boys suspended early sexual development. Full recovery, however, is not coming.
All children with adraino-genital syndrome require hospitalization. After discharge from hospital patients for life get to destination the doctor corticosteroids (prednisone in the morning), and therefore require constant monitoring. Concomitant diseases, physical overload can cause a deficiency of hormones in the body and worsening the disease.