Adrenolytic tools

Adrenolytic funds (adrainolitiki) - substances that suppress the action of adrenaline and other adrenomimeticescoe funds (noradrenaline, izadrin and others). Adrenolytic funds are divided into two groups: alpha - and beta-adrainolitiki.
To α adrainolitikami are digidroergotamin (see), digidroergotoksina (see), phentolamine (see), tropafen (see). α-Adrainolitiki selectively block alpha-adrenergic receptors and thereby eliminate the effects of adrenaline and adrenomimeticescoe funds, as vasoconstriction, pupil dilation, reduction of the spleen.
α-Adrainolitiki used to lower blood pressure in feohromotsytome, for short PNDs krizov treatment of diseases associated with the spasm of peripheral vessels (illness Reynaud, endarteritis, acrocyanosis , and others), as well as trophic ulcers limbs. Contraindicated they are at the sharp changes of organic heart and blood vessels. The most serious complication, especially with parenteral introduction of substances, it is orthostatic collapse (see). To prevent the patient during injection of the medication and for 2 hours after it should lie.
b-Adrainolitiki selectively blocking beta-adrenergic receptor and thanks to inhibit the effects of adrenaline, as increased frequency and force of heart contractions and dilation of vessels and bronchi. To beta adrainolitikami is propranolol (inderal). Propranolol proposed for the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias, especially when arrhythmias during anesthesia, and when intoxication with digitalis, and also for angina. Cm. also Sympatholytic funds.