Adrenomimeticescoe tools

Adrenomimeticescoe funds (adrenomimetiki) - substances acting like adrenaline. Under the influence adrenomimeticescoe funds is excitement adrenoreceptor - biochemical systems, reactive mediators sympathetic system (see Mediators). There are alpha - and beta-adrenergic receptors. At excitation alpha-adrenoreceptor a narrowing of blood vessels, the expansion of the pupil, the reduction of the spleen; the initiation of beta-adrenergic - increasing and strengthening the heart, the expansion of the bronchi, expansion vessels, and other effects.
On the mechanism actions adrenomimeticescoe means substances are divided into direct and indirect action. To adrenomimeticescoe means of direct actions directly acting adrenergic receptors, include, in addition to epinephrine (see), norepinephrine (see), mezaton (see), the fetanola (see), the izadrina (see), naphazoline (see). To adrenomimeticescoe means of indirect action ephedrine (see) and amphetamine (see); under the influence of these substances from adrenergic nerve endings allocated norepinephrine and stimulates the adrenergic receptors. Various adrenomimeticescoe funds have a different effect on alpha - and beta-adrenergic receptors. For example, norepinephrine and mezaton excite mainly alpha-adrenergic receptors. As a result, along with strong vasoconstrictor action and increased blood pressure they are relatively weak influence on the heart and bronchi. Izadrin excites mainly beta-adrenergic receptor, under his influence is usually vessels dilate, dramatically expands bronchi become more frequent and stronger contractions of the heart. Adrenaline stimulates alpha - and beta-adrenergic approximately equally. Under this condition prevails vasoconstriction. There is also a strong increasing and strengthening the heart, bronchi.
A strong stimulating effect on the Central nervous system have ephedrine and amphetamine. They cause mental institution, reducedappetite, have a stimulative effect in the administration of narcotic drugs means.
Adrenomimeticescoe tools are widely used as sossoudossoujiwath funds. They are appointed to increase blood pressure in brutal conditions, collapse, hypertensive disease; for narrowing blood vessels and reducing inflammation in the nose, conjunctivitis, etc; local to stop bleeding. Adrenomimeticescoe funds add to the anaesthetic means to extend their reach. With these goals can be used almost all adrenomimeticescoe equipment, except izadrina, exciting mainly beta-adrenergic receptor, and fenamina that causes extreme mental agitation. Many adrenomimeticescoe funds (izadrin, adrenaline, ephedrine) are used as bronchodilating agents for edema and prevent attacks of asthma, as well as with asthmatic and emphysematous bronchitis. Adrenomimeticescoe funds contraindicated in hypertensionexpressed arteriosclerosis, hyperthyroidism.