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In every epoch any area of human activity characterizes some new direction of the wind. At the beginning of the eighties of this century in the sport movement gained popularity rhythmic gymnastics - aerobics, wonderful combination of modern rhythms with gymnastic exercises. Probably this happened because in the last decades of the rhythmic music in the disco style won the love and recognition of almost without exception, people of any age. Expressive her character especially liked the young people who at all times is boiling with energy. The rhythms of modern tunes carried away even passive, inert from birth nature.
Jane Fonda aerobicsOne of the first inventors of aerobics is well-known talented actress Jane Fonda (USA). She proposed a set of exercises under the rhythms of modern music, to include the elements of ballet, bodybuilding, exercises of the system of yoga. Such exercises are characterized by excessive complexity, therefore, began to appear more simple and accessible to everyone variations of this program.
Aerobics immediately won enthusiasts motor activity. Accompanied favorite dance rhythms, it impresses anyone, as if ruskipedia it stiffness, enables near the surface reserves of untapped energy to get out of the habitual state of hypokinesia. The advantage of it is that she intense physical movements covers all body muscles and makes them work simultaneously. So, intramuscular peripheral "heart" work in these conditions with high efficiency. In addition, part of the exercise is performed at a higher pace for a completely healthy person is an invaluable source of increase stamina and strength.
Rhythmic gymnastics is widespread. In Paris, for example, openly 150 salons aerobics and organised 3000 courses on her training. Constantly in Russian and foreign press appear notes to help you understand this new physical direction, to use it properly.
In our country was adopted a special order of the sports Committee of the USSR on the wide adoption of rhythmic gymnastics, entrusted with the development of evidence-based programs, manuals on organization and methodology of training.
Also scheduled on the basis of institutes and technical schools of physical education, methodical offices, departments of physical education universities organise courses on training and retraining of specialists for sessions with groups of enthusiasts. Periodically organizes workshops on rhythmic gymnastics. Measures are taken to mass production in 1984 and 1985, records, videos, brochures, booklets, various manuals for carrying out of employment on aerobics.
No doubt, that the use of rhythmic gymnastics for a human body is great, and first of all for muscular, cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Positive influence on the coordination of movements, development of correct posture, beautiful gait, graceful figure, which refers primarily to women.
However, as with the other types of motor activity and here, beginners should be very cautious. Today, there are a few rules and guidelines that have to remember everybody who starts aerobic gymnastics.
Clothing. It should be easy - gymnastic leotard for women, melting or shorts and a t-shirt for men. A large part of the body should remain open. An indispensable condition is also an exercise in the fresh air. If conditions allow to execute them in an apartment, you need wide open Windows, to engage in a well-ventilated rooms. You should begin always with a slow tempo. Rhythmic gymnastics should consist of three stages: preparatory, main and final.
In the preparatory stage of the exercises are done at a slow pace (5-7 minutes), in the main phase, the pace they should grow up to 130-140 movements per minute (duration 15-18 minutes). To conclude, it should again in Tempe moderate (5-10 minutes).
The minimum time for rhythmic gymnastics 2-2,5 hours a week. During class, you must monitor the heart rate, measured before the start of classes and immediately after graduation. After 10 minutes, pulse must be restored to normal. The pace and rhythm of the music is matched according to age, physical fitness. Hobby too high rate dangerous to health, especially for people over the age of 40-45. It is best to do under the guidance of coach or instructor of rhythmic gymnastics, although persons with certain physical preparation, it is possible to do alone.
And what to do in this case with age abroad? If aerobics risk for older people who are over 50? Here is compulsory medical advice.