Aeroionizatora (air ionizers) - machines for artificial air ionization, i.e. formation of a large number of positive or negative atmospheric ions (ions) - tiny gas, water or solid particles that carry an electric charge. The gas particles are easy, fast, and water and solid - heavy, slow air ions. In medical practice using air ions both signs charge, often negative light. There are several types of aeroionizatora that use different ionizing factors.
In the radium aeroionizatora ionize the air bipolar alpha or beta rays radioactive elements used in very small quantities (0.02 to 0.2 mg). As A. can serve and mercury-quartz lamps, UV rays which produce air ions of opposite signs. In both cases, unipolarist ions is achieved by using auxiliary voltage 300-500 In and more. Elektroefflyuvialnaya (electric) aeroionizatora ionize the air electric discharge, "flowing" from isolated from earth metal edges, connected with positive or negative high voltage. All of these aeroionizatora produce light air ions and negative consist primarily of oxygen molecules, and positive from molecules of carbon dioxide. Light and heavy water air ions are generated by hydroaeroelastic. Medium in size and mobility of air ions can be obtained through a thermionic emission emission of melted metals or their oxides, and arise, both gas and solid dust air ions.
Quality A. is determined by the amount produced ions (n) and the coefficient of their unipolarity (n+/n); the smaller the value, the higher the prevalence of negative ions on the positive. Need to protect patients from possible actions of certain side factors pulsed electric field - ozone, oxides of nitrogen (elektroefflyuvialnaya A.); alpha and beta rays, radon (radium A.); particles spraying of metals or their oxides (terminatori), etc., See. also Aeroionotherapy, Hydroaeroions.

Air ionizers

The article describes the characteristics, the operating principle of the ionizer and its positive impact on the health and well being.

Everyone knows that the main component of the air is oxygen, but to complete it leaning his need to ionize, i.e. to enrich negatively charged ions.

On hygienic requirements, the concentration of ions in the air exceed 600 units on a scooter But in reality it is not. According to statistics, in apartments and offices, and even on the street concentration is no more than 200 units. Norm observed only in natural areas close to water sources, waterfalls concentration ranges from 2,000 to 200,000 units.

What are the consequences of lack of ionization in the room? In modern medicine, research and have already proved that the lack of negative ions in the air leads to oxygen starvation, respectively, be unwell, loss of concentration, increased fatigue, and decreased performance. For all the time using ionization never revealed adverse effects on humans. Studies have found that air ionization not only has a positive effect on human health, but also gives people additional years of life. A number of diseases such as angina, hypertension, influenza, neurasthenia, chronic bronchitis, asthma, insomnia and many other easier to cure, if we apply the technology of air ionization.

In order indoors always was created aeroion balance, in rooms of different types of use ionizers of air, which give the concentration of negatively charged aeroions from 1000 to 5000 units per cubic centimeter.

The principle of the device-ionizer is based on the formation of negatively charged ions with the subsequent attraction of positive ions. The iron plates are attracted to positively charged dust particles and molecules of air. Such a device is often part of the purification filter in the room where he plays a double role is and the attraction of dust and positive absorption and formation of negative particles. These negative ions have no contraindications, but on the contrary makes people more cheerful. Artificial ionization spend even to sustain life weak or premature infants, and the elderly. All ionizers called by the people "Chandelier Chizhevskogo", but only for devices with such name does not exist, but this name is associated with the ionizers that work on the principles of Chizhevskogo.