Aeroionotherapy method of physical therapy, curative factor of which are positively or negatively charged particles (ions), formed from atoms or molecules of gases contained in the air, or produced artificially by using aeroionizatora. Inhalation of such ions with the purpose of treatment is also called aaronhawley. In addition to the ions, with medical purpose use geroini - tiny charged particles from the water droplets (hydroaeroions).
A kind of natural air ionization (balalaechniy effect) is observed at the waterfalls, on the banks of mountain rivers, in the vicinity of strong artificial fountain during spraying and spraying of water, and also by the sea during heavy surf.
The action of aeroions on the human organism is carried out mainly reflex, through the receptorslaid down in the mucous membrane of the upper respiratory tract and the skin.
Aeroionotherapy shown in bronchial asthma in the phase of remission , or with infrequent mild asthma, acute or chronic catarrh of the upper respiratory tract, hypertension I and II And stage, as well as with the wounds of soft tissues, slowly healing wounds and ulcers stump, aphthous stomatitis, whooping cough, hay fever, stinking cold without significant changes of the mucous membrane of the nose, neurodermatitis and neurasthenia. Hydroaeroions apply, except that, obliterative endarteritis in the stage of the intermittent spasm of the vessels, rheumatic heart diseases (inactive phase).
Contraindications to the use of aeroionotherapy: bronchial asthma, complicated emphysema lungs, circulatory insufficiency II and III degree, angina, renal hypertension, condition after suffering a myocardial infarction, cerebral hemorrhage (bleeding in the brain or thrombosis of cerebral vessels, total exhaustion, active tuberculosis lungs, stinking cold with extensive destruction of mucous membrane of the nose.
For artificial ionization (education negative or positive ions) use special devices - Aero - and hydroaeroelastic. The following types of aeroionizatora. I. Elektroefflyuvialnaya: a) aeroionizator for individual use air-3, designed by M. A. Ravich; b) high frequency aeroionizator constructed at Tartu University.
II. Hydrodynamic (hydroaeroelastic). III.radioactive ionizer Radioactive (Fig. 1). IV. Thermal. As aeroionizatora can serve and mercury-quartz lamps, UV rays which produce air ions of opposite signs. In addition, to aeroionotherapy use the device AF-3 with electrodes used for this purpose.
If aeroionotherapy in most cases use of inhalation method. The possible effects of aeroionizatora and directly on the wound or ulcer.
aeroionotherapyAeroionotherapy should be in a well ventilated room at temperature of air not lower than 15 degrees. During the procedure aeroionizator installed at a distance of 10-20 cm from the patient (Fig. 2 and 3). Breathe recommend him calmly through the nose or mouth. Duration of the treatment, depending on the number of Aero - or hydroaeroions 1 cm3 from 5-7 to 10-20 minutes 1 per day. The course of treatment is 20-30 procedures. To start the course should be smaller doses, gradually increasing. Aeroionotherapy is paramedical personnel for the purpose and under the supervision of a physician.

Aeroionotherapy method of physical therapy, curative factor of which are unipolar (in most cases negative) atmospheric ions (air ions), a large number of produced artificially by aeroionizatora (see). Method of the use of water ions produced by spraying water, is called hydro-aeroionotherapy. The inhalation of the gas and water ions for therapeutic purposes is called aeronomiya. The local application of aeroions current of air, carrying ions, is directed to the skin (or wound) surface. Healing is a natural air ionization, especially in resort areas with a high content of ions in the air.
The most developed aeroionotherapy bronchial asthma, hypertension, ozeny and wounds of soft tissues and long-term healing wounds and ulcers stump. Encouraging results have been obtained in acute and chronic catarrh of the upper and lower respiratory tract, aphthous stomatitis, whooping cough, hay fever, neurodermite and neurasthenia. Negative air ions are positively with mental fatigue and insomnia. Aeroionotherapy is contraindicated in bronchial asthma with chronic vesicular emphysema of the lungs and heart failure higher than I degree, essential hypertension with severe organic changes of cardiovascular system, as well as in nephrogenic the stage of the disease; when Ozen with extensive destruction of mucous membrane of the nose.
The main effect of aeroionotherapy is more or less stable normalization of disturbed functions and temporary elimination of symptoms. A more sustainable and long lasting results are for A. in combination with other treatments, for example with medical therapy. A. should be in a well ventilated room at temperature of air not lower than 15 degrees. Again, you have to control the counter ions amount of negative and positive ions contained in 1 cm3 air within a distance from aeroionizatora, which during the procedure is the head of the patient. SC Bulatov invited to Express therapeutic dose to the number of ions, inhaled by the patient in the continuation of the procedure, and pointed the way to find this number (about 150 billion ions). The duration of the session A. - usually 10-15 minutes, the course of treatment is 20-30 daily sessions. Cm. also Hydroaeroions.