Aerophagia - swallowing of air and the related belching. Aerophagia is a neurosis, but may arise in connection with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (stomach ulcer, chronic gastritis , and others). Swallowing of air may occur during and outside eating. Clinical manifestations: loud belching odourless, feeling of heaviness and raspisanii in podlojecna area. The aerophagia identify on the basis of anamnestic data and x-ray studies (large gas bubble in the stomach and others). Signs aerofagii in infants (due sucking empty nipples or Breasts with small quantity of milk) are the Creek during the meal, the rapid swelling of the abdomen and refusing to eat.
In the treatment aerofagii in adults is of great importance psychotherapy. Food should be taken frequently, slowly, in small portions. If aerophagia came amid diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, the treatment should be aimed at their elimination. Children should strictly observe the feeding; if signs aerofagii, child carefully attach the upright position, resulting in belching air and the child calms down.

Aerophagia (from the Greek. aer - air and phagein have to swallow) - systematic ingestion of large quantities of air, resulting in a loud, empty, sometimes "multi-storey" burp. Aerophagia usually occurs during a hurried meal, accompanied by conversations, sometimes at strict separation of saliva, regardless of the meal. Aerophagia is a neurosis, which can be associated with diseases of internal organs ("a neurosis of organic canvas"). May occur in chronic gastritis, highly situated stomach ulcer, pyloro-duodenal stenosis, hypotension stomach, cardiac insufficiency of pulp, achalasia, hernia hiatal, chronic colitis, accompanied by a sharp flatulence, coronary heart disease, circulatory failure with symptoms of venous congestion in the stomach and intestines, aneurism of the descending aorta.
The reason aerofagii set carefully collected by history and chest x-ray, which revealed a large gas bubble stomach, sometimes cascading stomach, often high standing left dome of the diaphragm. When the treatment is of great importance psychotherapy, mobilization of the will of a patient at suppressing eructation; it is recommended not to swallow saliva, sputum, food to take fractional small quantities, slowly, no talking during the meal, to avoid eating for long stays in the stomach, and carbonated drinks. Shown sedation (Valerian tea, till, bromides, hydrotherapy), breathing exercises, wiping, and drink dill water or infusion chamomile, mint, light purgative means.
If aerophagia came amid diseases of internal organs, along with symptomatic therapy efforts should be primarily directed to the treatment of the underlying disease.
Aerophagia in children. Some babies sucking empty nipples or Breasts (if hipogalactie the mother) a large number swallowed air is causing persistent vomiting with a progressive drop in weight. Signs aerofagii in infants is cry during meals, fast bloating, sometimes refusing the breast. At change of position, and sometimes alone, the child is belching air, then he calms down and starts to suck. The diagnosis can be confirmed by x-ray.
When A. you need to strictly regulate feeding, after which carefully attach the vertical position of the child. A. typically linked with the General neuropathy child and goes with age.