Aeroginosa - inflammation in sinusesarising from variations of barometric pressure. More likely to occur in individuals with impaired patency of pin holes sinuses. Symptoms: feeling of pressure, gravity and sharp pain in the affected sinus headache. Treatment: spray or drops in the nose solutions sossoudossoujiwate funds (2% solution of ephedrine and others).
In order to prevent aerosinusitis when expressed violations of nasal breathing should be encouraged to delay the flight, work in caissons or experiment in the chamber until the restoration of nasal breathing.

Aeroginosa - damage to the mucosa of the sinuses, developing rapid changes in atmospheric pressure. Aeroginosa occurs when a violation of patency of output holes the sinuses due to their anatomical features or inflammatory changes in the nose. Unbalanced pressure in the bosom causes vascular disorders mucosa - hyperemia, transsoudace, hemorrhage; may occur and secondary infection. Affected mainly the frontal sinus. Subjectively A. manifested by pain. Treatment: local analiziruyutsya funds (2-3% solutions of ephedrine and cocaine), analgesic funds; elimination of anatomical narrow outlet openings of the sinuses.