Solarium (from the Greek. aer - air and lat. solarius - solar) - the construction for carrying out the sun and air baths. Consists of an open platform available to sunlight special shelters for air baths, showers, places for undressing booths (see the Beach) and latrines. Usually in aerosolyary has male and female branches.
Aerosolyary feature in the Park, away from sources of air pollution. The best orientation - South and South-East, the location of the Solarium on the Northern slopes unacceptable. The best coverage is low, thick grass (lawn); in the Northern and Central areas largely bright sand (in southern areas the sand undesirable because of the danger of overheating); it should not be used asphalt and concrete coating, stone slabs, especially in the South. The fence A. typically, green or type of blinds; a solid, high fences are valid only in the Northern and partly in the Central regions. The required area for holding sunbathing - 7-7,5 m2, air - 3.5 m2 in one place.
Air baths are under special tents (single span roof with mesh roof). Basic requirements for the canopies: protect from direct sunlight at the lowest closing of the firmament; the least change of microclimatic conditions of the area, good ventilation (sufficient height, tears, rolling and wire mesh floor), small heated ity coverage (wooden, bright asbestos-cement plates, double floor with an air gap). The latter requirement is particularly important in southern areas. The mandatory part of the Solarium at medical institutions are medical and dosimetric (meteorological) paragraphs; the latter may not be in the resorts, where organized a centralized transfer dosimetry information.
Solar and air baths spend on special sunbeds height of about 0.5 m in the Northern regions (lower wind speed and greater programot surface air); above 0.5 m - in the southern regions (because of the risk of overheating). Sun loungers for sunbathing equip a device for shading of the head (Fig. 1). In southern areas with high temperatures and intense solar radiation recommended beds, equipped with louver screens on Chernyavskaya (Fig. 2). Tilt louvered plates, regulate the amount of sunlight falling on the patient's body. These chairs can be used for air baths on the open areas. On the South seaside resorts for the reception of solar and air baths arrange the surface aerosolyary. In Northern regions aerosolyary should be securely protected from the winds and currents of cold air from the soil. On the grounds of the Aero tanning beds arrange soul, usually heated by the sun; if possible, they should bring hot water. Cm. also Aerotherapy, Heliotherapy.

lounger with shading for head
Fig. 1. Lounger with shading for the head.
lounger with louvred screen
Fig. 2. Lounger with louvred screen.