Aerotherapy (vostokovedenie) - method climatotherapy, based on the use of the effects of free, open air. The most common types of aerotherapy are air baths, in which fresh air is the effect on the whole or any part of a naked body, and Varandei treatment (Fig.), at which patients should be dressed in relation to the time of the year (winter refuge warm blankets or use sleeping bags).
climatotherapeutic verandaAerotherapy is an essential element of a sanatorium-and-Spa treatment. Important tempering and coaching importance aerotherapy in physical education - in practicing sports and sport games. When air-baths free-moving air, stimulating the nerve endings of the skin capillaries, reflex has a significant impact on the functions of the body-improve breathing and oxygen saturation, increased oxidative processes and metabolism, training of muscular and nervous system, activates thermoregulatory mechanisms of the organism, improves sleep and appetite, increased resistance to colds. Air baths taken in the Aero tanning beds, on the leafy grounds parks, under sheds on the beaches, balconies. Varandei the treatment is carried out in special climatic pavilions or on the veranda.
Air baths are divided into warm, cool and cold. Reception cool and cold baths accompanied by movements (light gymnastic exercises, outdoor games). Air baths are dosed in minutes. Usually begins with a reception warm air bath duration is 15-20 minutes or cool duration of 3 - 5 minutes. Procedures gradually lengthened, bringing the duration of the warm baths to 2-3 hours, cool to 1.5-2 hours and cold - up to 30 minutes. When feeling the chill and "goose bumps" the procedure should be discontinued. When veranda treatment duration of stay in the air reaches 2-3 hours; in winter Varandei treatment at calm and the outside temperature is not lower than -15 degrees; also practiced all day (and in kostnotuberkuleznyj sanatoriums year-round) treatment in the pavilion, as well as a night of sleep on the beach (on the coast of Black and other southern seas) in the warmer months.
Indications for aerotherapy: tuberculosis of the lungs, skin, bones and joints, diseases of respiratory organs of not tubercular character (emphysema lungs, the consequences pleuropneumonia, pleurisy, non-severe forms of bronchial asthma and other), anemia, functional diseases of nervous system and diseases of the cardiovascular system (myocardiodystrophy, heart disease, atherosclerosis, hypertension) and other Contraindications: acute feverish condition, exacerbation of rheumatoid arthritis, a chronic inflammatory diseases of the joints, neuritis and myositis.
Air baths and Varandei treatment are carried out on the appointment of the doctor under the supervision of nurses.

Aerotherapy (from the Greek. aer - air and therapeia - treatment - how to treat the open air; along with heliotherapy and thalassotherapy (the influence of sea air and the sun) is part of climatotherapy.
The main forms of aerotherapy - air baths, acting on a naked body, and Varandei treatment - stay (lying) on the open or semi-closed (in the cold season and during inclement weather) verandas and in special areas in parks (patients while dressed accordingly weather, covered with blankets or lie in sleeping bags). Curative influence of open air patients are exposed to and during your stay in the Park, on the beach, during walks, excursions, gymnastics and sports games on the air. Aerotherapy is an integral part of treatment and rest resorts, sanatoriums and rest houses. Training, coaching air effect is an important factor of physical education.
During the reception, air baths is cold receptors irritation of the skin, because the temperature of the air and surrounding objects in most cases lower than the temperature of the skin and prigozhego (pagodinho) air; in addition, the open air increases its cooling effect. Re cold irritation of skin thermoreceptors, arousing the physical and chemical mechanisms of thermoregulation, leading to the training of vital physiological systems and increase the organism resistance to changing environmental conditions (see the cold).
During the air baths skin is exposed to the impact of diffuse solar radiation; because of the low intensity of the last ultraviolet erythema when this does not occur, but the rate of air baths can sometimes cause mild sunburn. Specific value when aerotherapy is that the patient breathe clean fresh air, causing the best ventilation of the lungs, increasing the oxygen saturation and liquidation of hypoxia. The effect on the body with aerotherapy electrical state of the atmosphere, as well as ions has not been studied.
In the course of A. improve the functional state of Central nervous and cardiovascular systems and mechanisms of thermoregulation, the function of external respiration, the red blood, improves muscle tone and intensity of oxidative processes in the body. All this increases the body's resistance to the adverse effects of the external environment, in particular to colds. A. shown in all cases when you need to raise weakened vitality of the body, improve its resistance to normalize altered reactivity, particularly in functional diseases of the nervous and cardiovascular systems, pulmonary tuberculosis, etc. With a huge range of irritation that occurs when A. (from minimum at relatively short-term stay on the veranda or in the Park to a significant - with long-term air-baths at low temperatures), you can always choose the intensity, adequate reactivity of the patient, and to achieve training (tempering) effect.
Air baths contraindicated in acute fever; caution should be exercised in the appointment of their people suffering from rheumatism, chronic joints diseases, neuritis and successfully, especially in combination with balneological heat treatment.
Air baths take special Aero tanning beds (see), on the shaded areas in the Park, on the verandas and the balconies, and sometimes (weakened patients at the beginning of the course) - in a room with wide-open Windows. Usually there are warm air baths, indifferent (comfortable) temperature, cool and cold. The course of treatment usually start with a comfortable and warm baths, gradually lowering the temperature of the air in the process of adaptation of the patient. When receiving a warm and comfortable baths usually lie on a couch or in a lounge chair, but you can stroll in the shade. Reception cool, especially cold water baths better in motion, doing light exercises.
Air baths dosed out in minutes. To conduct aerotherapy on the southern shore of the Crimea has developed a special scheme duration air baths, on the basis of the so-called "cold load". Course air baths usually begins with a 5-10 minutes at a cool and 15-20 minutes - with a warm and comfortable baths; only strong, well-trained people can immediately start off with cold water baths for 3-5 minutes Duration air baths gradually increased respectively by 10-15, and 3-5 5-10 minutes daily. The total length of the air baths in the end of the course can be increased to 1.5 - 2 hours in a warm and comfortable, up to 1 hour to cool and up to 30 minutes for cold baths. The duration of the air bath for each patient is determined by his reaction. The bath should never bring up the feeling of chills, until the "goose skin". Safety guards from wind allow to some extent to improve the comfort of microclimatic conditions when taking air baths. Playgrounds for air baths requires special equipment for determining the cooling capacity of the air.
Duration of stay in the air (on the veranda or in the shade of the Park) gradually increased; designate the sleep in the air during the hours of recreation, night's sleep in the air (on the beach), and in some cases (usually in sanatoriums with long term treatment) patients transferred to clock stay on the porch. In winter Varandei treatment at calm and the outside temperature is not lower than -15 degrees. Cm. also Heliotherapy, Climatotherapy.