Ethyl ester

Ethyl ether (Aether aethylicus; synonym diethyl ether) is a drug. Is a colourless transparent liquid with a specific smell. A pair of air of flammable, oxygen, air and nitrogen oxide to form highly explosive mixture.
There are two types of drugs: an ether medical (Aether medicinalis; list B) and ether for narcosis (Aether pro narcosi; list B). The first drug used externally, as well as the manufacture of tinctures, extracts and in laboratories.
Aether pro narcosi - thoroughly cleaned the drug. Apply for inhalation narcosis. Has a high drug activity, sufficient latitude narcotic effect. Couples ether are, however, irritation of the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, accompanied by increased salivation and secretion of bronchial glands; possibly a reflex respiratory failure and heart activity. In addition, the ether anesthesia characterized by severe stage of proceedings. Awakening after anesthesia long; due to irritants broadcast on the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract in the postoperative period may arise pneumonia.
To reduce the secretion of bronchial glands and reflective reactions before anesthesia enter atropine or other means holinoliticheskie.
Ether narcosis is not suitable for tuberculosis, respiratory diseases, increased intracranial pressure, cardiovascular diseases, accompanied by a significant increase in blood pressure, cardiac decompensation, severe kidney disease, General exhaustion, diabetes mellitus and acidosis.
Ether anaesthesia release in hermetically ukuporennah bottle of orange glass with the capacity of 150 ml, under the cork enclosed metal foil. Store in a cool, the dark place, away from the fire. After 6 months. storage the product is subjected to verification.
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Ethyl ester [synonyms: sulfuric ether diethyl ether; the formula (2N5)2O] - a colorless, extremely mobile volatile liquid, temperature instrumentation of 35.6 degrees; temperature PL - 117,6 degrees;
D204=0,7135; n20d= 1,3527. Malorastvorim in water, with anhydrous alcohol mixed in all relationships. Ethyl ester highly flammable. With the air of a pair of his form explosive mixtures, so work with ethyl ether requires great care.
Get ethyl ester from ethanol exposure to concentrated sulfuric acid or other vodootnimajushchih means.
Ethyl ester difficult enter into chemical reactions. He does not react with sodium. This is used for preparation of "absolute" (anhydrous) ethyl ether. With concentrated mineral acids, like all simple ethers, forming oxonium connection [(2N5)2IT+]X. At long storage in the light ethyl ester oxidized by oxygen in the air with the formation of peroxides, which are often the cause of the explosions occurring during the distillation of the ethyl ether, so before you work with ethyl ester, it should be checked for the presence of peroxides and remove them by special processing.
Ethyl ester is a good solvent for many organic substances; it does not dissolve in water, so it is used for extraction of organic substances from the water. Ethyl ester is used as a solvent in the production of artificial silk. However, the area of its application in industry is limited due to the fire and explosion hazard. Cm. also Esters.
The use of ethyl ether in medicine. Ether medical (Aether medicinalis) are used in laboratory practice as a solvent, in histological techniques for the extraction of alkaloids from vegetable raw materials.
Ether for narcosis (Aether pro narcosi; Aether anaestheticus) is one of the most widely used means for inhalation anesthesia. Has a great breadth of narcotic, gives well-managed anesthesia. Supporting concentration of ethyl ether in the air we breathe: for light narcosis 3-5%vol deep 5-10%. By prolonged exposure through inhalation ethyl ether concentration 10-15% vol. oppression and stops breathing. E. E. used for self-anaesthesia or in combination with other drugs and muscle relaxants.
Couples, E. E. easily ignited, form explosive mixtures with oxygen, nitrogen oxide, air. Sometimes, E. E. assign inside (with vomiting, ICoTA, as a reflex and source of funds). Higher doses inside for adults: single - 20 drops (0,33 ml), daily - 60 drops (1 ml). Cm. also Drugs.