Aggravate - exaggeration of the patients symptoms. Aggravantes is someone who strives to present their disease is more severe.
Aggravate in forensic against - conscious, deliberate exaggeration of symptoms unlawful purpose: to release from work and military service, receipt of insurance premium and other Aggravate prove by a thorough clinical examination of the patient. Intentional aggravate can be qualified as a criminal offence.
Aggravate can be, and unconsciously, usually conditioned by the desire of the patient to attract more attention of the medical staff to get the medicine that, in the opinion of the patient, must be free from suffering, to evoke sympathy from others and others
Aggravate observed frequently in patients with mental disorders (anxiety and doubtful, hysterical and psychopaths). Such people are particularly careful monitoring changes of their health, even minor illness, in their view becomes serious, they are willing to tell about the disease, greatly exaggerating the pain.
We easily suggestible people aggravate may occur after reckless statements of the doctor or other medical staff, review of the patient with medical documents (certificates, extracts from the case history and other)relating to it, or after reading the special medical literature. Such patients may be not only aggravate, but suggested disease with severe functional disorders (see Iatrogenic diseases). Aggravate can result in the understatement of the results of treatment.