Agnosia - violation processes of recognition. Comes with lesions of certain areas of the cerebral cortex ( hemorrhage, tumor, brain damage and so on). Depending on the place of defeats are visual, auditory, tactile agnosia. When visual agnosia sick without losing sight, do not know the subject or may not reflect the whole picture, perceiving individual parts of the subject. When auditory agnosia hearing is saved, but you lose the ability to recognize objects by their characteristic sounds (hours ticking, dog on law and so on). Speech understanding this also violated. When tactile agnosia violated the ability to recognize objects by their feelings (astereognosis). Touching the subject with closed eyes, the patient can describe its individual characteristics (size, material of which it is made), but did not recognize him. Agnosia may occur in non-recognition of their own body parts, or sensations increase or decrease of the limbs. You must treat the underlying disease.