Agony - state immediately before clinical death. The agony is preceded by Pagonia characterized by significant decrease of body functions. In this period there was a breathing rate change (increase or decrease), lowering blood pressure; develops oxygen starvation of tissues. All these things are progressing, lead to the onset of agony.
In the period of agony consciousness is usually lost. Facial features sharpened, the complexion is sallow, appear sticky sweat, blueness of the skin. Disappear response to external stimulation, cornea of the eye becomes cloudy, corneal and pupillary reflexes disappear. Blood pressure to rapidly decrease and then fails to be detected; the pulse is felt only on the carotid and femoral arteries, can be irregular. The body temperature is falling, breathing becomes wheezing, with the participation of auxiliary muscles rhythm is disturbed. Is involuntary discharge of urine and feces. Sometimes when agony observed convulsions.
The duration of agony different - from several hours to several days. Very short, sometimes elusive agonal period when sudden (unexpected) death. By the end of agony consider a stop of breathing and heart, and then comes the clinical, biological and then death.
The agony is not an irreversible condition, in some cases the action taken in time (in the period of clinical death, or before it happens) can save the life of the patient (see the Revival of the body).