Agranulocytosis (synonym of aleikia) is a syndrome characterized by complete or almost complete disappearance from the blood granular white blood cells (granulocytes). Agranulocytosis may occur either from violations of education of granulocytes in the bone marrow (for example, under the action of ionizing radiation, vapours benzene, tuberculosis, malaria, typhoid, and so on), or from the destruction of cells in the peripheral blood. The latter can occur in people with a heightened sensitivity to certain medicines (the amidopirina, phenacetin, analgin, phenylbutazone, phenobarbital, barbitala, thiuragyl, sulfanilamida, some antibiotics, drugs arsenic, bismuth, gold, mercury and others)
When agranulocytosis marked ulcero-necrotic lesions of the mucous membranes (usually of the mouth and tonsils, severe weakness, rapid temperature rise, sometimes with chills, severe General condition, some slight jaundice, enlarged liver, cervical and submandibular lymph nodes. Along with the acute form is encountered acute and recurrent.
The most important for the diagnosis of blood examination. Find lakopenia (2000 and less blood in 1 mm3 blood), complete or almost complete absence of granulocytes. Red blood changed little; the number of platelets sometimes drops dramatically, and then there bleeding, leading to anemia.
Agranulocytosis in children occurs with the same clinical and hematological picture, as in adults.
The disease is hard, but with timely and proper treatment often ends recovery. If you suspect agranulocytosis the patient should be referred to a doctor. Patients agranulocytosis be hospitalized.
Treatment. The most important eliminate the harmful agent that caused agranulocytosis. Clarifying the latter is important and to prevent a recurrence. Because the body due to the lack of phagocytes powerless against infections, the treatment of agranulocytosis requires the use of large doses of antibiotics. At the same time appoint steroid hormones (prednisone and others). Important General patient care, particularly for the oral cavity: rinsing solutions furatsilina, of rivanol, potassium permanganate.
Prevention of agranulocytosis when known etiological factor is to cease contact with him (job transfer by radiation or benzene agranulocytosis, prohibition of reception of the appropriate medication).

the bone marrow when agranulocytosis
Fig. 1. Promyelocytic bone marrow when agranulocytosis after thiuragyl: 1 - plasma cell; 2 - promyelocyte.
Fig. 2. The bone marrow when agranulocytosis after taking streptocide: 1 - reticular cells; 2 - megakaryocyte; 3 - eosinophil; 4 - normoblast.