Academy Of Mamun

For reception in the Palace of the Emir Ibn Sina chose the best of his gown, particularly closely tied to the turban, in the traditional manner befitting a man of science.
What a pleasant surprise! It turns out that in Gurganj know his name, heard about his interpretation of books on ancient medicine and law. Here came the news of the happy healing of the Emir of Bukhara, and the guest is about what to talk with the philosophers, mathematicians, doctors and interpreters of the law, recognized in the Palace of the Mamun. Afterwards, this circle of scientists became known as the Academy of Mamun. Here, exchanged scientific news, told about the content of rare books about the work of their own and others. Here arguing, some caution, others passionate and cheerful. Especially often frustrated Biruni. Yes, the pupil Masihi, which was finally to hug and kiss. He Masihi also visited the Palace Academy. And what a pleasure experienced friends, when they could enjoy interesting conversation! How interesting, so dangerous, because people, the head of which was visited by such subversive ideas, were not worthy, according to the true Muslims, to carry them on his shoulders.
Ibn Blue defined salary, he even bought a house and wanted to call a native of Bukhara. He began to sketch out a new medical books, of a different type than those on which he studied himself. Ar-Razi wrote his work in dozens of volumes - the back of his father's ass, must still remembers the severity of knowledge, Ibn Sina decided to bring the wisdom of the medical world a much shorter and more accessible.
Later this idea will turn into a "Canon of medical science", chief work of Ibn Sina, five volumes, combining the experience and views of the Greek, Roman, Indian, and Arab doctors. This will include information on anatomy available that era, the teachings about diseases and their symptoms, about preservation of health and hygiene requirements. The doctor will find in them simple and complex medicines and ways of their use, drugs, poisons and antidotes. A special Chapter of the "Canon of medical science" will be devoted to the upbringing of healthy and sick child. Ibn Sina share in them subtle observations and reasonable advice of a man whose mind is free from common prejudices of his time.
The main work of his life Ibn Sina wrote in fits and starts. It used to be that Chapter he started in one city, continued in the other, and the results were summed up for the prison castle.