Acalculia - a violation of the concept of number and account. Occurs when the defeat of certain parts of the left hemisphere of the cerebral cortex ( hemorrhage, tumor, trauma). When acalculia sick mix graphically similar figures: 6 and 9; IX and XI; write 1048 as 1000 and 48, cannot perform oral and written transaction account. You must treat the underlying disease.

Acalculia (from the Greek. negative prefix a -, and lat. calculo - I believe) - violation account. Primary A. occurs with the defeat of the left parietal-occipital region, often combined with semantic aphasia. Violated visual-spatial synthesis: sick mix graphically similar figures 6 and 9, IV and VI, write 1023 as 1000 and 23, as 827 8, 2, 7, cannot perform oral and written transaction account. Secondary A. can enter the syndrome temporal aphasia, and the account on paper is saved. Cm. also Aphasia.