Acceleration is accelerated physical and sexual development of the child. In large cities puberty teenagers now takes place on 1-3 year earlier compared with the beginning of the present century. The main reasons for the acceleration are improving nutrition, plenty of all kinds of information inherent in the life of modern cities, and the rapid pace of social life.
The acceleration of the development of children is a process of growth and puberty in children observed since 30-ies of the 19th century.
The acceleration observed already at the stage of embryonic development. During the last 30-40 years the body length of newborns increased by 0.5-1 cm, weight - 50 to 100, Doubling weight that happened before between 5-6 months. life now is observed between 4-4,5 months. Now in children under the age of one year, the body length is 2 cm, the breast 2 cm, head circumference at 1 cm and a weight of about 1 kg more than in pre-war years. In an earlier age, there dairy teeth, an average of 1 year before the permanent teeth erupt. There is also a shorter period of ossification of the skeleton.
Today's children were not simply a higher and larger than their peers who lived in the early 20th century, but somatically more Mature. In parallel with the growth acceleration occurs and the lowering of the age of puberty teenagers: from the early 20th century, for example, our country has accelerated puberty children for about 2 years.
The phenomenon of the acceleration leads to earlier termination of growth of the body length. Currently, the absolute majority of the girls growth ceases at 16-17 years old, and the young men, 18 - 19 years. Despite this, the body length and adults is currently being increased (mainly due to the rapid growth of the body length in Joubertina period of development).