Acticin (synonym: cycloheximide, paramimesis A; formula With15H23O4) - antibiotics isolated in 1946 from the culture fluid Streptomyces griseus. Forms crystalline ester - acetate, Bentonit and 3,4-dichlorbenzene; soluble in organic solvents, worse - in the water; relatively unstable: destroyed in alkaline solutions and when heated.
Antibacterial properties of activone minor; he is active against some types of yeast and pathogenic fungi, has a high selectivity of action. A. active against some of the simplest and slows down the growth of transplantable tumors in mice.
Acticin is a very toxic compound for animals and plants. Practical application A. limited to its toxicity. A. can be used with fungal diseases of leguminous plants, fruit trees, grain crops, for stabilization of wines. A. used as deterring tool in the fight against rodents.