Physical activity and Smoking - incompatible

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 Temperance requires almost 
 the same forces as a feat. 
 F. Bacon

It may happen that the person will comply with all recommendations listed in this book: to regularly engage in physical activity, rational feeding, to temper the organism, to communicate with nature, and so on, but will not abandon one harmful bad habits - Smoking. In this case, he at one time negate many of their valuable efforts. Never to be healthy, cheerful, active. Smoking - health harm. This should always be remembered.
Nicotine, whip-like boosts heart, makes him during the day to decrease excess of 20-25 thousand times. In this mode heart wears out quickly. Expensive pays a smoker for this hobby.
Unfortunately, years pass, written about this thousands of pages of warnings, explanations, and people smoke.
From tobacco smoke allocated about 300 substances harmful for the body. It is estimated that the combustion of 100 grams of tobacco allocated 6-7 grams of tobacco tar. Resin, are included in it, cause malignant disease. In addition, in the process of Smoking in the body smoker penetrate radioactive elements, the most dangerous of them polonium-210. Last when Smoking is accumulated in the bronchi and lungs, and also in the kidneys and liver.
During the burning of tobacco allocated carbon oxide (carbon monoxide), which connects the respiratory pigment in the blood, the hemoglobin. Form carboxyhemoglobin. As it is unable to carry oxygen in the body is constantly violated the processes of respiration. Smoked a pack of cigarettes "injects" into the body 0,09 g nicotine and 369 milliliters of carbon monoxide. Nicotine constricts the blood vessels that feed the heart muscle. Sooner or later smokers appear substernal pain forerunners of angina, a possible heart attack. Thus, over those people who can not overcome this bad habit, constantly hanging sword of Damocles serious diseases.
The report of the world health organization (who) reported that daily Smoking is a cause of death of one million people; for treatment of diseases caused by Smoking area, will soon be spent more money than the traditional treatment of diseases, for example, infectious.
The dependence between Smoking and the action of alpha-rays generated by the decay of radon. Most cases of lung cancer is caused by these rays. Particles of tar contained in tobacco smoke, capture radioactive particles from the air and lay them in a potentially carcinogenic "hot spots" of the body. Smoking a pack of cigarettes a day for 40 years can lead to the total dose from 37 to 97 happy. In addition, non-smokers, constantly exposed to tobacco smoke from ten other smoked cigarettes are also developing "hot spots" in the lungs (Medical newspaper, may 11, 1983).
Many angry on account of tobacco. "Tobacco hypertension, tobacco sclerosis, extensive lesions of peripheral vessels, leading to the obliterating endarteritis (narrowing clearance receptacles limbs), gastric ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer, decrease in sexual function - this is far not the full list of consequences that can occur, if at the time not to wean from tobacco potions. Most of these diseases are fatal outcome or end with disabilities.
Sometimes one may hear the statement, they say, the doctors themselves are smokers, while others seem to prohibit, frighten severe consequences. But doctors are human beings, like all. Many of them are also not afford to quit the habit, although I do realize that they can expect. The smoker is necessary first of all will power, but its not enough.