Active rest

The possibilities of motor activity is very individual and depends on many factors. To awaken your imagination and resourcefulness offered as an impulse few examples of active leisure in the country, the sea and trailering.

A holiday in the country

  • Vacation at the sea
  • Exercises for autotourists
  • At the dacha often rest with the whole family, i.e. the group of inhomogeneous both on age and interests. At desire and good will, and in this team, you can awaken the desire to move.
    If you have a tape of a tape of music at a fast pace, engage in gymnastics. Remember some of the exercises of the complexes and make your own family. With music it would be more fun.
    If the exercises you do not quite like it, Supplement it with other exercises: jump with the children over the rope or more popular now gum.
    Try to do somersaults, wheel or on the hands or on the head. Afraid to lose credibility? Maybe, on the contrary, you will find it. It is only necessary that you become children of good teachers.
    Can play with children tag or singing a little that require quick, observant and agility. Can play football or in one of the gates, or "Windows", when all become in a circle, each represents its gates and tries to score a goal rivals, while protecting their gates. Everyone thinks scored and missed goals.
    If you have at hand the rope, it can not only win, but also tied to the appropriate branch for him to climb or on it to swing. Tying the rope between two trees, climb from one tree to another or podtyagivayutsya on it, or use as a grid badminton. If you tie a rope between two trees, so that the swing, they can swing sitting or standing. It is important that the rope was securely bound.

    Men and boys who want to develop the muscles of the arms and body, the proposed exercises with assistant inventory, say, with a large chunk or large stones (Fig. 74). For example, take bent in the hands of a log or in each hand on the stone (about a pound) and raise your hands above your head. Do exercise 10 times and after a moment of relaxation at least 5 times. Gradually increase the number of repetitions and rate of movement. Do not forget about your breathing.
    Good educational gymnastics serve such isometric exercises (Fig. 75):
    isometric exercises
    1. I. p. - standing, legs apart, bend your arms and struggled to rest your hands in one another at the height of the person. To perform 5 seconds, then relax, dropping his hands.
    2. I. p. - standing, legs apart, bent hands hook in front of chest. With the power to pull his hands in different directions. To perform 5 seconds, then relax, dropping his hands.
    3. I. p. - standing, feet apart, hands on hips, fingers forward. With the power to put pressure on the hip joint. Run with 5, then hands to relax.
    4. I. p. - sitting, slightly apart bent at the knees, feet on the floor. Hands to try to shrink the knees, and feet to move her arms. To perform 5 seconds, then relax the arms and legs.
    5. I. p. - lying on his back, arms, palms on the floor. Hands with the power to put pressure on the floor. After 5 to relax, put your hands up again and push your hands on the floor. In 5 hands to relax.
    6. I. p. - lying on his stomach, arms at your sides, palms on the floor, legs to lift up again and push your hands on the floor, my legs trying to raise up. After 5 to relax.
    All these exercises to perform 5-10 times, the entire series to be repeated 3-5 times. Before classes some exercise.
    A great exercise is also an alternation of fast walking or Jogging. Less trained alternate running with walk every 25 meters, more trained through 100-200 m or steps that was easier to read. Similarly, you can alternate between 30-60 with jumps over the rope with a quiet walk with a deep breath.
    We hope that these few examples will inspire you, and free time in the country you fill in a useful exercise, whose main goal is to reduce excessive weight.