Obstetric set

Obstetric set - tools, medicines, dressings, linen and care items needed to assist the lying outside the maternity hospital. There are obstetric kits for midwives and physician.
Obstetric set for midwives. Instruments: clips hemostatic timing of length 16 cm - 2 pieces; surgical needles - 6 PCs; needle holder ring handles and cremalleras 20 cm long; the urethral catheter metal dia. 6 mm; catgut in the sealed - 2 amp; surgical scissors straight; scissors for crossing the umbilical cord; tweezers anatomical - 2 pieces; sterilizer with a grid for instruments; stethoscope obstetric; Tatomir; silk surgical capsules - 1 amp.; syringe "Record" with a capacity of 2 ml with 4 needles; rubber catheter; irrigator set the instrument; tips cistirny and uterine; tape centimeter; gloves rubber; pipettes - 2 pieces; measuring syringe rubber; glass graded for medication; thermometer to measure the temperature of the water; medical thermometer maximum; bubble rubber ice.
Medications: vaseline oil - 50 g, camphor oil - 12 amp; permanganate potassium (potassium permanganate) - 5 g, iodine alcohol solution to 20 ml; tincture of Valerian -5 ml; salt - 20 tablets 0,85 g; 2% solution of nitrate of silver - 5 g; 10% solution of caffeine - 10 amp; 1% solution of morphine - 4 amp; magnesium sulphate - 60 g; alcohol denatured - 100 g; pituitrin - 6 amp; 1% solution of morphine - 6 amp; 0.05% solution of ergotamine - 6 amp.
Dressings: bandages , sterile gauze - 2 pieces; wool is hygroscopic sterile - 200 g; ligature for ligation of the umbilical cord (silk vials - 1 roll); sterile gauze - 2 m
Linen and care items: oilcloth of a stress - 1 m; diaper-litter - 8 pieces; towels - 2 pieces; sheets - 2 pieces; shirt women; Bathrobe; ship back; soap in the soap; toothbrush manual - 2 pieces; razor.
All of these items are Packed in a special obstetric bag from waterproof material.
If in the conduct of birth at home complications and the midwife calls a doctor, he enjoys obstetric set for the doctor.
Obstetric set for the doctor. The tools needed to conduct obstetric operations (forceps, perforator, stupid gluteal hook and others), as well as medicines, including funds for narcosis, linen and care items. All of these items are placed in three separate bags that fit into a suitcase or a box.
Obstetric set should always be complete and ready for use.