Alastrim (synonym: white pox, small pox) - infectious disease, a type of smallpox. Is registered in South and North America, in Western Europe. In the USSR is not found. The disease is caused by a virussimilar to smallpox. The source of infection is a sick alastrim people. Unlike smallpox, alastrim characterized easier for, lack nagnaivaetsja rash, less high and not long fever, and less pronounced intoxication; scars and severe complications are not usually observed. Mortality is low. Treatment and prevention - as of smallpox (see natural Smallpox).

Alastrim (from Portug. alastrar - to sleep, cover; synonym: variola minor, paravariola, white pox, AMAS, smallpox of Kaffir, smallpox Samoa, smallpox Sanaag) - infectious viral disease, which is a type of smallpox; it is distinguished from the characteristics of the pathogen and easier for. Mortality in alastrim on average 1 %. Endemic in respect of alastrim are Africa and South America; invasive outbreak registered in Holland, England and other countries. In the USSR alastrim not observed.
The causative agent of the disease is a virus group pox viruses. Elementary bodies virus alastrim indistinguishable from variola virus; they reveal silver M. A. Morozova and some other methods of colouring. The virus few pathogenic for most laboratory animals. The virus infected alastrim monkeys develops generalized vesiculate-pustular rash resembling A. in humans. Antigenic structure of the virus A. similar antigenic structure of smallpox viruses and vaccines.
The source of infection is a sick man. Infection occurs droplet, and airborne dust infection, as well as through infected subjects. Histopathological changes in the authorities when alastrim similar to the changes when smallpox. Transferred disease leaves a strong immunity. The maximum duration of the incubation period when A. to 21 days, more often 14-15 days.
Beginning of the disease is characterized by rapid rise in temperature, headache and pain in the rump, prodromal rash. The rash starts on 2-5th day of illness. Unlike smallpox, secondary (suppurative) fever is often missing. Pimples dry up faster than smallpox, patients begin to recover by the end of the second week. Lasting scars, characteristic of smallpox, after alastrim often remains. The described variants of the clinical course of A. from hemorrhagic form to the disease without a rash. Diagnosis is based on the characteristic clinical and epidemiological data. In laboratory diagnosis A. use the same methods that were used in the smallpox. For differentiation of the virus A. from variola virus can use the following features of the virus A.: it is less pathogenic for chick embryos, the maximum temperature at which there is a development of lesions in chicken embryos and cell cultures for virus A. lower than for variola virus.
Specific therapy A. no, apply symptomatic treatment. The primary means of prevention is vaccination pox vaccine (see Opepreveria).