Albiol (Albichtholum) - the drug is cleared light oil shale pitch. Is antiseptic, also has anti-inflammatory and mestoobitaniya action. Albital applied externally for burns, rojistoe inflammation, eczema, neuralgia, arthritis in the form of 2, 5, 10, 15% ointment on vaseline. In inflammatory diseases of the small pelvis, (metritis, parametritis, salpingitis, prostatitis, paraproctitis , etc.) designated as candles and balls 0.15, in Addition, albital used in combination with green soap in the form of pastes for the fight against lice, bedbugs and cockroaches. Cm. also Antiseptic.

Albiol (Albichtolum) - anti-inflammatory agent; is a purified light oil shale pitch. Has anesthetic and some antiseptic effect. Is used for inflammatory diseases of the skin (2-5-10-15% ointment) and the small pelvis (in candles and balloons); to combat lice: for treatment of hairy parts of the body - 50% aqueous emulsion, disinfection of linen - 10% water emulsion. As insecticide is applied the so-called albitova pasta (mixture A. green soap). Cm. also anti-Inflammatory drugs.