Albuminometer of Asbahu is a glass tube labeled "U" and "R". Slightly acidified urine pour before the character "U", and then the character "R" add the reagent Asbahu (solution 10 g picric acid and 20 g of citric acid in 1000 ml of distilled water). The tube is closed with a rubber stopper and 10 - 12 times overturn (not shaking it!), then install it, vertically and after 24 hours mark the layer thickness of coiled protein on the bottom of the tube on the divisions located at the bottom A. (each point corresponds to the content of protein in grams per 1000 ml of urine). With significant amount of protein in the urine should be diluted. The way of Asbahu not yield accurate results. More accurate and faster method is the method Roberts-stolnikov in the modification of Brandberg (see Urine).