Aldolase - the enzyme that catalyzes one of the reactions of glycolysis. Aldolase is present in all tissues and tissue malignant tumors contents aldolase raised several times. Some diseases associated with tissue necrosis, accompanied by the appearance of aldolase in the serum. Cm. also Glycolysis, Enzymes.

Aldolase - an enzyme that plays an essential role in the mechanism of anaerobic breakdown of carbohydrates in animal tissues, photosynthesis cycle and oxidation of glucose-6-phosphate (the original name of aldolase "imagecash" currently used to denote a combination of two enzymes - A. and isomerase, which are closely connected). Catalyzes the transformation of frukostbuffe in postdoctorate and phosphoglycerides aldehyde. Mol. the weight of aldolase muscle - 147 000-180 000, A. liver - 160 000. A. present in all animal cells, but especially its content in tissues with intensive exchange of carbohydrates (liver, striated muscle, cardiac muscle). Contents A. serum increased for a number of diseases, especially myocardial infarction, epidemic hepatitis, in the early stages of progressive muscular dystrophy (5 times higher than normal). The reasons aldolase not clear. Cm. also Enzymes.