Alpha therapy

Alpha therapy is a form of radiation therapy, which uses mainly alpha radiation. Source are radon (see) and its daughter products, a subsidiary of products thoron (see Thorium), and other
When treatment is created either General or local irradiation of the body. Total exposure to radon therapy includes the following procedures: bathing in radon water, drinking radon water, inhalation of air enriched with radon, etc. it is Applied at the resorts with natural radon (Pyatigorsk, Tskaltubo and others), and also in non-resort conditions, and in these cases the radon water is prepared with the help of solutions of radium. Radon shown in many diseases of the nervous and cardiovascular systems, organs of movement, some gynecological diseases and other
Local irradiation with alpha therapy is created by applying to certain areas of the skin of patients radioactive bandages (gauze, on a surface with the help of special equipment are applied subsidiary products thoron). Bandages have a marked analgesic effect at radiculitis, neuritis, arthritis, phantom pain, and calming itching action neurodermite, eczema and other
Contraindicated alpha therapy for tuberculosis, malignant neoplasms, pregnancy, diseases of blood. When using alpha therapy should be observed, certain sanitary rules, in particular concentration of radon in the air of the room, where the staff should not exceed 3·10-11 Curie/L.

Alpha-therapy - treatment by acting on the body alpha radiation absorbed doses, enough to get a therapeutic effect.
Source of alpha-radiation in alpha therapy are some short-lived or quickly released from the body natural radioactive isotopes (radon and its daughter products, a subsidiary of products thoron and others). Long-lived alpha-emitting isotopes for alpha therapy is not used because of the danger of uncontrolled prolonged exposure in contact with them inside the body of patients and staff, but also because of too small runs of radiation they alpha particles. Some of the used alpha therapy isotopes emit beta and gamma radiation. However, more than 90% of the observed biological effects when A.-so is called the alpha-radiation (see).
For the treatment used radon baths (General and local), drink radon water, inhalation of air enriched with radon, microclysters of radon water, irrigation radon water (in gynecology and stomatology), radioactive bandages with active bloom thoron progeny, etc. When all radon procedures is a General irradiation of the body as a result of radon penetration through the skin, mucous membranes, lungs. Irradiation is heterogeneous, as radon and produced from it in the body of the decay products, having different physical and chemical properties, are distributed to organs and tissues unevenly.
At the various types of procedures the distribution of these isotopes in the body varies. In addition, during radon procedures is the exposure of individual organs and tissues of the body subsidence due to them the daughter products of radon, which is in radon waters and air. When radon baths, this results in additional exposure of the skin, by inhalation of air in umanitarian - irradiation of light, while drinking radon water, micro-irrigation - exposure of mucous membranes. In all kinds of radon procedures favorable effect can be obtained with very small absorbed doses of radiation, much smaller than in other types of radiation therapy.
Radon procedures beneficial effect on the function of the Central nervous system, normalizes breached the processes of excitation and braking in it, the regulatory impact on the vegetative nervous system, cardiovascular system and endocrine glands. They have a marked sedative and analgesic action, stimulate many of compensatory-adaptive reactions of the organism.
Radon treatment indicated for diseases of the peripheral nervous system, cardiovascular system, organs of movement, gynecological diseases, endocrine shifts, metabolic disorders and other Contraindicated radon treatment for tuberculosis, malignant Neoplasms, pregnancy, and some diseases of the blood.
Alpha therapy in the form of radon procedures applied at the resorts with natural radon or natural redenomination (Pyatigorsk, Tskaltubo, Belokurikha, Yakimov, Gastein and others). In addition, the alpha therapy(in the form of radon baths) is widely used in a number of resorts, with no natural radioactive medical factors, and in General health services (physiotherapy departments of hospitals and polyclinics, balneological sanatorium, medical plants and other). In these cases, the solution of radon is prepared by a specially developed method with the help of solutions of radium. Solutions of radon prepare or in a small specially equipped radon labs, located in medical institutions, or (with the aim of creating better conditions of radiation safety for maintenance personnel) in the special cluster of radon labs, having several radium preparations and supply in a centralized manner by the solution of radon attached to the Pima medical institutions.
Radioactive bandages with active bloom thoron progeny are a special way activated double layer gauze. They blend in with the medical purpose active party on the skin and create only local irradiation of separate sites of a skin of patients. Radioactive bandages have a marked analgesic effect, eliminate itching. Currently they are applied with some skin diseases, for treatment of patients with radiculoneuritis, various forms of arthritis, as well as suffering from phantom pains. For preparation of radioactive bandages designed installation, ensuring the radiation safety of personnel. Cm. also Radiation therapy.