Alcoholism with trigeminal neuralgia

Alcoholism with trigeminal neuralgia usually used after other kinds of conservative treatment failed. Use 80% ethanol. As at the time of injection alcohol felt a sharp pain, to reduce its intensity it is recommended that the following mix: Spiritus aethylici rectificati 80%-5,0, Novocaini - 0,2, sterilis. Shows a preview provodnikova anaesthesia; with local anesthesia infiltration nerve reduces the effects of alcohol. If successful, A. attacks of pain subside in the next few hours, but they often disappear gradually, and only after 10-12 days. The effect A. lasts on average for about a year, but there are also shorter period is 3-6 months. When relapse neuralgia re alcoholizing, which usually gives a more short-term effect. In the result of alcoholism nerve comes the loss of sensation all innervated their area for the whole period of its validity; it should warn patients as possible burns when you receive hot food, biting and mucous membrane of the cheeks and lips.
Solo does not always accurately localize the incidence of pain, so before you enter in the nerve alcohol, you need to verify the correctness of topical diagnosis by a trial (preliminary) blockade affected the branches of the 2% solution novokaina or other anesthetic. With proper diagnosis of pain for the duration of anesthesia (1-2 hours) stop and then arise again.
For alcoholism nerve 0.3-0.5 ml of alcohol is injected directly into the affected branch thin needle of the syringe. Getting the needle in the nerve felt sick in the form of "shock" electric shock. Produce alcohol from the syringe slowly for 2-3 minutes, tender jerky pressure on the piston of the syringe; the patient had this burning sensation around the nerve. In the chamber I of the branches of the trigeminal nerve alcohol is injected through supraorbital hole (Fig., 1), in the chamber II branches through infraorbital (Fig., 2)when neuralgia III branches through the chin hole or spend an injection type mandibular anesthesia (Fig., 3). In case of the failure of these methods of alcoholism alcohol injected directly into round (second branch) or oval (III branch) hole.
Possible complications of alcoholism: polyinjective swelling of the face, injury to blood vessels with bruises, transient diplopia after administration of alcohol through infraorbital eye; by ingestion of alcohol on internal pterygoid muscle may come lockjaw, and after repeated injection, even mixing of the jaw; in case of overdose with alcohol there were cases of bone necrosis at the injection.

Alcoholism in the chamber of the branches of the trigeminal nerve: 1 - I of the branch; 2 - II branches; 3 - III branches.