Alcoholism is the injection of alcohol in the nerve to work, but a long break its conductivity or in tissue order scar wrinkling them. Alcoholism nerves applied mainly in severe pain (for example, neuralgia of the trigeminal nerve), and also with the purpose to cause paralysis motor nerve (for example, alcoholism phrenic nerve pulmonary TB). Alcoholism in the latter case, replaces neurotomy (see). The alcoholism tissues are used, for example, when the loss of the rectum in children (alcohol is injected into the tissue surrounding the rectum), in a small congenital vascular tumors (hemangiomas, lymphangioma) to cause zapustevanie affected vessels.
The alcoholism is widely used for pain when coccygeal pain (coccygodynia), steroidica (inflammation of the styloid process of the radial bone), heel spore, painful neuromag etc.
For alcoholism used 80 degrees ethyl wine alcohol. The introduction of alcohol into the tissues, especially in the nerve, very painful. To reduce pain add novocaine - 0,4 g in 10 ml of alcohol.
In some cases, the alcoholism spend the spirit-procaine solution (the so-called spirit-procaine blockade) the following composition: Spiritus aethylici 95 degrees - 80 ml; Aq. destillatae pro injectionibus 20 ml, Novocaini - 2, the Spirit-procaine blockade shown with a closed fracture of ribs: 3-4 ml of solution is injected to the bottom edge of the fragment ribs, located closer to the spine. Such blockade gives a more long-term pain relief than anesthesia novocaine without alcohol, but is an important event and is performed only by a physician.
In some cases the alcohol produced after display of the nerve trunk, especially in cases when the nerve is located deep in the muscle layer and it is hard to get the needle (for example, sciatic, diaphragmatic and others). For injection using a thin needle. Previously in the bare nerve injected 1-2% solution novokaina, and then alcohol.
The effect of alcoholism nerve lasts about 1 year. After all, you may receive swelling, which usually disappears in a few days. Apply a heating pad after alcohol should not avoid burn because the skin sensitivity when it is lost.

Alcoholism - injection alcohol (usually 80%) in the tissue. Alcoholism nerve is considered as "chemical neurotomy", after which due to anatomic integrity of the nerve comes regeneration of peripheral of the neuron. A. cortical motor centers was recommended in patients with epilepsy, when hyperkinesia, acetone and so on; A. motor nerves - by hyperkinesias of the face (facial nerve), when disease little (injection locking, hip and other motor nerves).
Alcoholism was applied during laparotomy in the form of an injection in the area of the nerve plexus and units, large peripheral arteries instead periarterial sympathectomy. A. recommended also at loss of the rectum (pararectale), in congenital angioma or lymphangioma (in the tumor weight) to cause scarring and atrophy of the tissues, zapustevanie vessels, etc. more Often produce A. sensitive nerves in severe pain, neuralgia of the trigeminal nerve and its branches, alcoholism intercostal nerves or paravertebral, or in the gutter edges when intercostal neuralgia and broken ribs, A. sciatic nerve (nudity) - when sciatica; A. phrenic nerve is used instead of frenectomy (see) when causalgia and phantom pain. Pre-enter 1-3 ml of 0.5-1% solution novokaina or mix alcohol with painkiller. M. O. Friedland developed the blockade of the spirit-procaine solution footprint. recipe: Spiritus aethylici 95% to 80 ml Aquae destillatae - 20ml, Novocaini - 2, With spastic paralysis (little's disease) solution is injected periocular 10-15 ml around each spasticeski shortened muscles, but not more than 50 ml at a time. Fractured ribs once the spirit-procaine blockade allows bespalatnoe treatment (persistent analgesia); the solution is injected under the bottom edge of the rib, on 3-5 cm dorsal to the fracture site, on 3 - 4 ml for every broken rib. A. by Friedland with success can be applied in fractures of long tubular bones (for shock effect, weakening the retraction of the muscles) by introducing a hematoma between fragments 8-15 ml (depending on the size of the broken bone), as well as painful rigid contractures (especially when arthrosis of large joints in combination with a constant traction. In a joint enter 10-20 ml 40-50% alcohol and 0.1 - 0.2 g novokaina. If necessary, this A. repeat after 1 week.