Alcoholism - pathological addiction to alcohol, which lead to violations of social norms of behaviour, mental and physical disorders. Occurs as a result of systematic excessive consumption of alcohol (drinking). Alcoholism and binge drinking had a detrimental effect on work, life and well-being of society. All this makes alcoholism is a serious medical and social problem.
Various changes occurring under the influence of alcohol,- the weakening of the inhibiting effects, reduced intelligence, coarse - lead drinker not only the systematic violation of the norms of conduct, but also to the crime. More than half of killings, injuries and crimes against morality is committed in a state of intoxication.
Occur when drunk infringement of balance, focus, clarity of perception, coordination determine the frequency of accidents among alcoholics and reduce their productivity. According to the Central Institute of traumatology and orthopedics in Moscow about 20% of domestic and 46% of street injuries associated with alcoholism. In the US, according to official data, annually 400 thousand injuries related to alcohol, 30 million work days falls on alcoholics.
Numerous experiments on animals installed the harmful effects of alcoholism on the offspring. Children of alcoholics and children conceived in a drunken state, much more often are born with various defects, they are more likely to occur mental retardation, epilepsy etc., found that of 100 children with epilepsy, the 60 - parents are alcoholics, from 100 mentally retarded children - 40. Surveillance for 28 years for 10 families of alcoholics showed that 57 born children 25 died at the age up to 1 year, 5 suffer from epilepsy, 5 - hydrocephalus, 12 children - retarded and only 10 healthy.
In psychiatric practice adopted the term "chronic alcoholism".