Altej medicinal

Marsh mallow (Althaea officinalis L.) - wild and cultivated plant. The roots contain gums. Used as a softening and a coating agent for Qatar Airways. Extract (10 : 200) take 1 tablespoon in 4 hours; broth (6 : 180) - 1 tablespoon 2 hours.marshmallow medicinal

Fig. 2. Marsh mallow (right - root).

The marshmallow healing flowers, leaves and roots. His preparations: infusion altejnogo root and syrup altejnogo - mukaltin use of cough and inflammation of the respiratory organs, especially in children.
Grow marshmallow from seeds. Multiply it and vegetative, sharing rhizomes. Can be transplanted from wild thickets so-called windfall (sowing), which grows near the well-developed fruit-bearing plants.
Before sowing of the seed in the soil of their soaked in warm (25 degrees) water during the day and sown in the groove of a depth of 2-3 cm Distance between the rows is 45-50 see Shoots appear in 2 weeks. The soil at the site, where they grow marshmallow, should be prepared in advance, it is better to fall deeply dug and it has polupereprevshego manure (bucket on 1 m2).
In the first year of life marshmallow blossoms and gives a relatively small number of seeds. From the second year bears fruit abundantly.
Care of plants: the earth should be moderately moist, as in the nature of marshmallow grows in damp places, along banks of rivers, wet meadows, weeds regularly weed, rows loosened.