Bitterness (Amara) - medicinal substance mainly of vegetable origin with sharply expressed bitter taste, which is used to increase appetite and improve digestion. Bitterness irritate taste receptors mouth that reflex increases the excitability of food center. Given the mechanism of action of bitterness, they should take, shortly (1-5-30 minutes) before meals. Bitterness is most often used in the form of infusions, decoctions, tinctures and extracts of various medicinal plants: a wormwood bitter, gentian, dandelion, centaury, trefoil. As bitterness appointed as complex drugs prepared from several plants - bitter tincture, tea appetizing. Bitter nastoyka get removing 409 alcohol (up to 1 l) of 60 g of grass centaury, 60 g of leaves of the Shamrock, 30 g rhizomes Aira, 30 g herb wormwood, 15 g tangerine peel. Assign inside of 10-20 drops before meals. Tea appetizing consists of 8 g herb wormwood and 2 g herbs milfoil. One teaspoon brewed as tea in 2 cups of boiling water. Take 1 tablespoon before eating.