Amylase (obsolete name - diastase) - enzymes, hydrolytically splitting polysaccharides (starch, glycogen); present in the tissues of animals, plants and microorganisms. The nature of the actions there are α-, b - and g-amylase. In the decay of polysaccharides (see) under the influence of alpha-amylases are formed dextrins; b-amylase it from polysaccharide molecules disaccharide maltose, the gamma amylase - glucose.
OK amylase found in small quantities in the urine (16-64 units). At disease of the pancreas or liver amylase content in the urine reaches 128 units and more. Diagnostic value can have and content amilazu in bile. Cm. also Enzymes.

Amylase found in many organs (liver, pancreas, and other) and various mushrooms. They break down starch and glycogen, turning them into maltose; optimum pH is about 6.5 to 7.2.
The most studied alpha - and beta-amylase, the molecular weight of which is about 45 000.

Amylase (synonym diastase) - enzymes, hydrolytically breaks down starch, glycogen and some products of their partial collapse. A. widespread in animals, plants and microorganisms and play an important role in carbohydrate metabolism.
Distinguish undoability (alpha-A.) and eksootilisi (b - and V-A.). a - A. break down the molecules of glycogen and starch on the different alpha-dextrins. β A. otscheplaut from predesirous all molecules of glycogen and starch maltose, and ' -A. - glucose; the second product in action β A. and ' -A. are high-molecular b - and V-dextrins.
Activity α A. determine by a colour change polysaccharide iodine (various modifications of the method of Wohlgemuth), and the activity of b - and V-A. - education maltose and glucose respectively. All And were received in crystalline form. The optimum pH α A. lies at pH 6-7, in the acidic environment it is inactivated. Action α A. activated chloride-and hampered by ethylenediaminetetraacetate.
The pH optimum of b - and V-A. lies at pH 3 to 5; in a neutral environment, they are inactivated. Action b - and V-A. hampered n-chloromercuribenzoate and other sulphydryl poisons. α A. is metallofonda, it comprises CA and Zn. From various α A. animal and human have the most activity α A. the pancreas and salivary glands (salivary α A. formerly known as a ptyalin).
The definition α A. in the serum and urine is used for diagnostic purposes. Diseases related to the violation of the liver, the activity of α A. reduced, and in acute pancreatitis sharply increases (in 10-30 times). V-A. not in the bodies of a man in a generalized glycogenoses. The use of yeast ' -A. very effectively in some diseases in children related intolerance starch and maltose. Cm. also Enzymes.