Amyl alcohol

Amyl alcohols (WITH5N110H) - a group of saturated aliphatic alcohols, colorless liquid with a characteristic smell (fusel oil). Now synthesized eight theoretically possible amyl alcohols. 2-methylbutanal-1 (optically active) and C-methylbutanol-1 are part of fusel oils. In the process of alcoholic fermentation C-methylbutanol-1 is produced from leucine, and 2-methylbutanal-1 - isoleucine. Physical properties of them are presented in the table.
Derivatives amyl alcohols - isoamyl ether nitrous acid and amylacetate - having vasodilator properties. Solidaritat is used as a solvent nitrocellulose and in the food industry (called pear essences). Couples A. S. irritating to mucous membranes of the eyes, respiratory tract, can cause headache, cough, nausea, and diarrhea. A. S. more difficult (than, for example, ethanol) are oxidized in the body and therefore more toxic: 0.5 g of fusel oils is causing the headache. In beverages A. S. determined by reaction with salicylic aldehyde and sulfuric acid (cherry-red color).