Chlorpromazine (Aminazinum; synonym: Chlorpromazinum, Largactil, Plegomazin; list B) neuroleptic drug. Has a sedative effect, accompanied by General calm indifference to the environment, reducing motor activity and tone skeletal muscles, increases the efficiency of narcotics, hypnotics and analgesic funds; protivorvotnoe, gipotermicescoe, and the hypotensive effects; reduces the permeability of capillaries, has antihistaminics activity. Used aminazin for treatment of mental diseases in surgical practice in artificial hypothermia, as well as to enhance the effects of the analgesic drugs and the means with vomiting pregnant and for the treatment of hypertension. Side effects: depression, phenomena parkinsonizma, collapse (when parenteral introduction), allergic reactions, diarrhoea phenomenon, jaundice.
Chlorpromazine is contraindicated in liver disease, kidney disease, diseases of blood-forming organs, severe hypotension. Prescribed chlorpromazine oral, intramuscular and intravenous. Higher doses: single - inside 0.3 g 0.15 g intramuscularly, intravenously 0.05 g; daily - inside 1.5 g, 1.0 g intramuscularly, intravenously 0.25 was release Forms: tablets and pills 0.025 g; 0.5% solution in sealed to 5 ml (intramuscular injection) and 2.5% solution in sealed to 2 ml (intravenous). Cm. also Neuroleptic drugs.

Chlorpromazine (Aminazinum; synonymous with Chlorpromazine) - neurologically means different multilateral action on an organism; hydrochloride N-(3-dimethyl-aminopropyl)-2-chlorphenesin. Characteristic of chlorpromazine is the suppression of the higher nervous activity. A. causes sedation, reducing motor activity and the tone of skeletal and smooth muscles, strengthens the effect analgesic and narcotic drugs, provides gipotermicescoe and antiemetic effect, lowers blood pressure, reduces the permeability of capillaries and has anti-inflammatory action; it is characterized also some anti-histamine effect. It is used for treatment of mental diseases in surgical practice as hypothermic tool, and to enhance the effects analgesic and narcotic drugs, and vomiting pregnant, for the pain of childbirth, as a means protivozudnoe.
A. contraindicated in diseases of liver, kidneys, blood-forming organs, with decompensated heart diseases, drug poisoning.
In the treatment of A. could experience allergic skin reactions, irritation of tissue at the injection site A. the Preparation is administered orally, intramuscularly (0,25-0,5% solution novokaina) and intravenous (in 40% glucose solution). The highest single dose: inside and intramuscularly - 0.15 g; intravenous - 0,05 g release Forms - tablets and pills 0.025 g, ampoules of 5 ml of 0.5% solution (for intramuscular) and 2 ml of 2.5% solution (intravenous). Cm. also Neurologiske funds.