Aminobensana acid

Aminobensana acid derivatives benzoic acid, which is one of the hydrogen atoms in the benzene ring substituted amino group (formula H2N·C6H4COOH). There are o-, m - and p-aminobensana acid.
on-Aminobenzoic, or Anthranilic acid crystals sweet taste, temperature PL 145 co-intensive fluorescent; receive from phtalimide effect of sodium hypochlorite in alkaline medium. Derived on-A. K. 3-Oxandrolone acid is an intermediate product in the synthesis of nicotinic acid from tryptophan in animal organisms. Being a normal product of metabolism, A. K. however carcinogenic. Anthranilic acid derivative used in the chemical and perfumery industry.
p-Aminobenzoic acid (PABK) - yellow crystals, with temperature PL 186-187°, poorly soluble in water (0,34%), well in alcohol, ether, acetic acid (7-11%). Numerous derivatives PABK, such as benzocaine, novocaine, dikain.
In natural products found in free and bound form; is part of a molecule of b vitamins folic acid.
Phenomena insufficiency in humans and animals is not checked, because PABK not considered a vitamin. PABK - essential growth factor for many organisms. Rostove action is suppressed sulfa drugs, which is the basis of their wide application in medical practice. Toxicity PABK is not.