Amizil (Amizylum; synonym Benactyzinum; list a) - sedative. Provides moderate spasmolytic effect. Apply in psychiatric and neurological practice in patients with the syndrome of fear and anxiety and pressure. Amizil also appoint a host of diseases accompanied by spasms of smooth muscles of internal organs (pilorospazm; intestinal, liver and renal colic). Take amizil inside 0,001-0,002 g 1-5 times a day. Method of production: powder and pills 0,001 0,002 g Cm. also a Sedative, Anticholinergic tools

Amizil (Amizylum; synonym Benactizine)- Central cholinergic means; hydrochloride dietilaminoetanola benzyl ester acid. Has also expressed peripheral holinoliticakih effects. Amizil used in the treatment of asthenic and neurotic condition (0,001-0,002 g 3-5 times a day for 4 - 6 weeks). Amizil effective in the treatment of States, accompanied by spasms of smooth muscles, as well as antitussive (0,001-0,002 grams) and midriaticheskoe (1-2 drops of 1% solution). Contraindicated with glaucoma. Dosage form powder and tablets for 0,001-0,002 g Cm. also Neurologiske funds, Holinoliticescoe funds.